Working Versus Lazy 

You may say to yourself, "My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me."  But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today. Deuteronomy 8:17-18

Work is an essential life that gives us ability to gain wealth but at the same time it is written that hunger is the incentive that will force man to work. (Proverbs 16:26) Look at the achievements of man and possessions that man has been able to accrue yet not one good work was without Godís approval. This is not to say that there are works of evil that will never have Godís consent.

Work is a combined effort of the mind and hand that is directed towards an accomplishment. Work employs the mental attributes of man to plan the procedures that will be used.  The hands are used in accordance with specific plans to accomplish the overall purpose of the plan. Everything we do starts in the gray matter of the brain as an idea or thought. A choice is made and the thought is scrambled again in the mind where orders are sent through the body, to the nerves that manipulates the hand. This process may have thousands of commands that will continue to function until the work is finalized.

In other words, every work starts with a thought, but we must decide the kind of work and the purpose that the thought proposes. The mind is an open door where thoughts enter our mind, but the mind is also the originating point where decisions are made. Itís in our mind that we must determine the nature and purpose of every thought before it goes any further. We have to determine if the thought is to be thrown in the trash can or acted on.

As Christians we have a further responsibility and that is to compare that thought with those of our Lord.

Itís in the mind that we can nip any thought in the bud and prevent its forming fruit. On the other hand we can take the thought and nourish it so it will produce fruit. In the same way our deeds become the fruit seen by God attached to our person. Like fruit on a tree every thought has the potential to become the fruit the tree is known for.

When we take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ, we are not giving God the right to prune the limbs before they can produce fruit?  Letís consider that when God prunes our limbs he also like the potter that is molding the pot for noble purposes. This pruning changes our thinking patterns so we will produce the fruit God wants. In other words allowing God to prune our thoughts develops the character God is working towards.

When we see Jesus throughout the New Testament we see him at work in the Harvest field doing the good deeds prepared for him. He had compassion and comforted the people by healing the sick.

With a little imagination you can see Jesus standing in the field hiring new hands and designating the place for them to work. But if you were to look at the fields you would see that not every area of the field is filled with fruit and you may have to work in an area that has already been picked. The quality of the fruit is not our concern for your job is not to sort, but to harvest.

Every worker that goes to work in this field will be given the tools required for the work assigned to them.  They may not be to our liking but they will be adequate to perform the work. At the same time the Lord of Harvest doesnít want to see you twiddling your thumbs. He wants to see you actively doing the work assigned to you.

When looking at the field a second time we will realize that itís not a vegetable garden or a grove of fruit trees that we are going to harvest, but men. God is building a kingdom of kings and priests and our job is recruiting men and women for Godís use. However we will not be working alone, Jesus Christ will be our working companion.

When we go into the harvest field we will have the opportunity to know our companion through our conversation. During that time he will endeavor to work on our behavior so we will be able to influence men and women to seek salvation through Jesus Christ. Our influence is not enough for we must introduce the fruit to the Lord of Harvest. From that point it is between the recruit and Jesus Christ to make him ready for the kingdom to come.

As we said, the Lord of Harvest doesnít want to see you twiddling your thumbs.

This verse may be taken out of context but what would you do if you saw someone in your employment not doing his job.  


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