Wise Versus Foolishness

Jesus posed the idea that a wise king was about to go to war with another king.  In this parable the question was asked if this king would sit down with his advisors and consider the feasibility of victory with his current assets. This was the second parable that Jesus taught in regards to the cost of being his disciple and both parables brings out the point that disciples may not have enough fortitude to succeed. What then? Are we prepared to look like a foolish person because we were not able to finish the course and succeed?

For some the cost of following Jesus is their life but they succeeded. For others the cost of discipleship is all they had. But for the majority, discipleship has not caused them to shed blood or give up the wealth of this world.  Yet there is a cost that every disciple is willing to pay, the price of repenting and turning from sin.

Finding the right thing to do to please God is not easy and it involves that you take time out of your busy life to seek God for the answers. Like building a house you have to understand what you have to do to make the house last a lifetime. However, the cost of building the house is going to be expensive and you need to have a good estimate of its cost.  If you plan and build the house right the house will outlast your lifetime by two or more generations.

With Jesus Christ in our lives we are to build our house on a rock.  Jesus is the rock of the ages and the cornerstone our house is built around. The house we are building is not a earthly house, but a temple where the spirit of the living God lives. (2 Corinthians 6:16, 1 Peter 2:4-5)  To begin we must lay a foundation on the rock and we do this by making Jesus Christ our Lord and inviting the Lord into our lives.

However the plan and building materials for this house is based on hearing the word of God and putting his words into practice. In other words we have to look at the plan and decide how best to apply the knowledge of Godís word to our lives.

What we find right off the bat is that the bible is written to mankind but it was written is spirit filled words. By this we mean that to understand the Bible we must renew our minds to know Godís will. Renewing our mind changes the way men think to understand the way God thinks. The bible is spiritually discerned and we must have the mind of Christ to discern the will of God.

Solomon wrote that Proverbs was written for a reason.

In this brief study we have seen the basic definition of the word wise laid out before our eyes. According to a dictionary the word wise is defined as discernment for what is true, right, enduring and exhibits a common sense approach to life. The bible lays out a common sense plan that teaches every disciple of Jesus Christ how to live right in accordance with the truth. Within the pages of the bible we hear the truth being repeated consistently, which gives us the ability to discern the truth.

Godís word gives man plan with a course of action. According to the plan we must use our shield of faith to quench the constant bombarding of fiery darts. Those darts are thoughts filled with lies and doubts about God and we must capture those thoughts and make them conform to Christ. Then by submitting to Christ, we can take our stand, Satan has no other choice but to flee from the wrath of God.

Wise men obey God by taking the gospel to the world. Included in the royal Gospel is a command to love God with our entire being and love our neighbor as our selves. Taking that love to heart compels us to keep anyone face the wrath of God or go to hell. Sinners require Christians to exercise their beliefs and God wants to see you love one another. Telling a sinner that all have sinned is a must. Telling them that Jesus took their sin to the cross and paid the penalty for our sin helps the world to understand that God loves them and wants them to his love for them. But if no one takes the message how will they know that they can choose life?

The bible tells us that the world thinks the gospel is foolishness but it also says fools despise wisdom and discipline. (Proverbs 1:7) The world has no doubts that God is the supreme ruler of all creation, but even though they are part of Godís creation they refuse to allow God to rule their lives. One day God will summon his creation to his throne and on that day he will humble the arrogant and haughty men and women of the world.


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