Who Goes Through The Tribulation?

It's time to realize that the future is here today. Man has developed a autonomous robot called Advanced Step Innovative Mobility or Asimo for short that can navigate flights of stairs and respond to simple voice commands. Through computer graphics man is able to draw anything with a recognizable form and give it human characteristics in its animation. Technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate and things of this nature are being revealed on the television almost everyday.

  The events God said that some phenomenal things would take place in the near future. While the exact date is unknown a very influential person will enter human history possibly somewhere in the Middle East that will demand his followers to construct a statue of his God. The statue will be made of metal having the appearance of a person who was severely wounded in battle and managed somehow to survive. When the time was right the same man would address to the statue and it will become a living thing that will rule over men. Everyone will be utterly in awe of this person and the logic of those who saw this feat will say only God could do such a thing. What makes this scenario more believable is that the statue will be erected on temple mount inside the rebuilt temple of the Living God.

While this is guesswork it is a scenario that has the potential to be as wrong as other prophetic word man has heard in the last twenty years. Nearly everyone will be deceived by the event that appears to be caused by supernatural being during the end times. A living statue made from solid metal that responds to man could very well be the reason for the strong delusion, that they should believe a lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11) and the very moment when the truth will be thrown to the ground (Daniel 8:12.) Fire will fall from the sky at this man command and everyone will be in awe. The human being has the natural tendency to believe what he perceives with his eyes as being true.

The question Elijah asked of Israel will be asked again, but Satan will respond on that day withenough miracles to deceive the elect if that were possible, Christian will have to have his spiritual eyes open to know that Satan has produced a hoax in real time to deceive everyone on the face of the earth. With today's technology the news media will give this spectacle twenty-four coverage with up to date commentary to make sure the world will about know it within a few minutes.

Satan has to be seen for who he is. In the height of his glory he will demand that everyone worship him regardless of his or her stature or relation to him. Nebuchadnezzar was Satan's type of ruler when it came to three men that refused to bow down to his image. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown into the fiery furnace because the refused to worship Nebuchadnezzar's image. Satan's policy will be - “worship me or die"- another reason why those who do not know God will follow him.

  Those who serve Satan are held in slavery without their knowledge by the fear of death. They belong to Satan, because they do the works of their father and have allowed sin to master their lives. Like their father they gloat with pride and are self-centered, of which both qualities give birth to sin and the general lack of concern over the fate of the people that their decisions affect. The scenario may seem far-fetched until you realize that Jesus gave caution about a future event.

  The period between Malachi and Matthew was filled with wars and occupation. Then the occupation of Israel by Alexander the great brought skilled artisans, traders of all kinds, philosophers, and the worship of Helen by the Greeks. The Greeks did their utmost to force the Jewish people to worship their God, Helen. The Hellenists erected an image of Zeus in a prominent place in the temple and the Nation of Israel saw this as offensive. The Macabee rebellion followed shortly thereafter.

  God saw the worship of graven images as an abomination. It was not the image or the substance the idol was made from that God saw as abominable. It was the fact that God gave man the ability to think and man busied himself by making gods of costly materials belonging to God that would never benefit its makers. God mocked man when he made idols for the lack of good sense and the lack of intelligence. God asked why do you make powerless images incapable of responding to your needs or able to save you from your enemies? Israel would not listen to God so God said let the god's you made save you.

Satan is present and making (spiritual) war against the Saints today, but Christ has not come to gather his elect. Satan is still alive and interacting with human beings and as of today Christ has not slain that ancient dragon. Doesn’t that mean that we are in the time period described as the Tribulation period. According to the doctrine of the pre-tribulation rapture, Satan will rule over mankind during the tribulation period, but according to the God's word Satan is slain at Christ's Coming. Satan is a roaring lion and presently in the stalking mode waiting for the right moment to pounce. Whern he pounces then the lawless one will be revealed.

  According to the mid-tribulation period beliefs Christ will come in the middle of the tribulation period and the saints won't have to go through the whole period. The problem with this belief is that Satan is still in power and the tribulation period would have to end with Christ’s coming. According to the post tribulationist you will go through the entire tribulation period and Christ will come at the last trumpet. 

  I was like the majority of Christians, quick to study the Second Coming but never making the effort to know God had to say about the tribulation period. In my effort to study the Second Coming, I took the word of my fellow Christians about the tribulation and fit the knowledge I gained of the Second Coming into what I understood of the Tribulation Period.

  I have learned that Biblical doctrines interact with others. The truth is still the truth wherever it is seen especially in other doctrines. Therefore the truth of the Second Coming affected the outcome of the Tribulation period. Knowing the fact that Satan is destroyed at Christ's coming changed my beliefs on the Tribulation period and made me ask if there are any other things I need to know.

Read Chapter seven of Revelation again to see where those of the secret rapture are standing. God does nothing in secret for God and his plan for his return has been revealed with exception of the date. Those standing before the throne are the 144,000 from the tribes of Israel and the myriad’s of people that have come out of the tribulation the great one. Who goes through the Tribulation Period, which group are you in?


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