White Versus Black  

Itís fairly easy to see the difference between white and black when seeing them beside each other. Still, most people do not know enough about color to accurately define the colors of white and black with words.  Seeing the color difference with your eyes is an everyday event but understanding the definition may add to the spiritual awareness these colors represent.

By definition, light responds according to an objectís color. White reflects the most light where black absorbs all light. White gives off light but black hoards every color in the spectrum.  An example of the color difference can be seen in our homes and work places. Rooms with white walls and ceilings are bright but rooms painted black have lighting specifically for targeted areas. The reason being is that you can flood a dark room with harsh light and the room would still be darker than a room painted white.

In the same respect the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness have similar qualities.  However, the kingdom of darkness uses deception for its system of influence. Paul said that Satan, the leader of the kingdom of darkness masquerades as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14) And just as thievesí work under the cover of darkness Satan keeps the world in darkness so he can work unhindered.  He suppresses the truth that sets men free and keeps them busy chasing the evil desires of manís heart.

On the other hand, there are many reasons why God refers to his kingdom as the kingdom of light. The primary reason is that he wants the truth to be known and the light from him puts the spotlight on the truth without contaminating the truth or favoring Godís view.  The Almighty God is a God is light, a light so intense that its color appears to be white.

His son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being, (Hebrews 1:3) He is the word the lamp that lights the path of the chosen in heaven. (Revelation 21:24) The light emanating from God was so brilliant that it causes the crystal sea to sparkle. This light as described by Paul was unapproachable, blinding light which was a humbling experience to Paul that he saw in a vision while traveling to Damascus. The light of Godís glory best reflects the color of white and every heavenly being representing him is dressed in white. The transfiguration of Christ revealed some interesting facts to consider.

Light is an attribute of the divine as God is light. The clothes of Jesus Christ became white as his face. The picture of Christ in the opening chapter of revelation said both his face and hair were as white as snow.  (Revelation 1:14)

Sill there is a day when the Lord shall humble the arrogant and haughty. It will be a day of darkness when the light of the sun will be extinguished. Then in the eastern skies a light will appear and every eye shall focus on it, even the eyes of him who pierced our Lordís side shall see our Lord coming for his elect. Every person shall be gathered to our Lord and he shall separate the sheep from the goats. Those who did Godís will go to the right and those who did not to another place.

Our Lord will mount his white horse and go into battle slaughtering many, treading their blood into the ground. When the time is right he will judge in truth and righteousness. And God will judge those whose names are not written in the Lambís book of life before his great and awesome white throne. Makes you wonder if the brilliance of light will lay the sins of the world bare before God.

The scriptures reveal the events of Christ on the mount of transfiguration and how his face lit up the area even making his clothes shine like his face. Is it possible that we may be seeing an image of what our glorified body may look like? Jesus said that we are the lights of the world.  What happened to the face of Moses after his meetings with God when God spoke to Moses face to face may happen to us. Moses covered his face with a veil because his face was radiant.  

His face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord and Moses was reflecting the glorious light of his God.  The light of Mosesís face struck fear into the hearts of the Israelites, humbling them knowing that Moses had been in the presence of God.  

The color white has a symbolic meaning of purity.  Listen to Davidís prayer,

Itís the blood of the lamb that cleanses us from all sin but it is washing our robes in the blood of Christ that gives us a right to the tree of life and to live with God in heaven. (Revelation 22:14) John writes, everyone who has this hope purifies himself from his or her sin.  (1 John 3:3) Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus that his purpose was to see the church was presented to Christ in pristine order.

Peter described Christians as living stones and John spoke of Godís holy ones as Jasper that made up the crystal sea. The crystal sea sparkled which meant that the sea reflected the brilliance of Godís glory.

The color black reveals the kingdom of darkness, the evil deeds of sin and whatever can be hidden from the eyes. Satanís angel lost their positions of authority and has been kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment day. The same place is reserved for Satan and all who cause evil and indulge in the sins of the world.


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