Wealth Versus Poverty

Men and women of this world define wealth as material possessions they have accrued over a lifetime. The majority of people are more concerned about accruing enough wealth to be able to retire in comfort. Instead we find the plunder of the poor are in the homes of the wealthy. During our lifetime we find more people with their hand out wanting your meager earnings than wanting to be your friend. What is worse, those who receive a check on Friday evening are penniless by Monday morning. In conclusion, an inordinate number of people compete for the wealth of men but few are really satisfied with what they have accrued. Yet wealth is something of value to every man.

What good is wealth if you cannot keep it or take it with you. Unfortunately the power of wealth in a temporal world defines wealth to those who crave it. Life in abundance is virtually unheard of in this world, but it is a form of wealth when we will have life for an eternity. However we should seriously consider that wealth is marked by an abundance of possessions and resources.

However the one thing that we should value the most is the life God gave us. Life is the asset we cannot replace and once our life is spent what can we look forward to?

 We live in a world where the thief Jesus spoke of is attempting to dominate and rule. Jesus came so man could be restored to God and through accepting Jesus as Lord we are given the gift of life.  This gift of life is without end and the meaning of life in a world without death has to change. For this reason we should consider that a form of wealth is life in abundance.

Eternal life is a source of wealth as the idea of eternal life is marked with an abundance of life that cannot be counted, be measured or be out lived. Life can also be marked with an abundance of grandchildren, friends, health and memories, but without God even things we cherish can be meaningless.

If we were to seriously consider the nature of human life we have to consider the purpose of life.  King Solomon seriously considered what life was about and wrote.

He said everything done under the sun is meaningless, a chasing after the wind. Everything we do is short lived more or less something that gets us from one day to the next. He concludes that life consists of serving God.

Eternal life is a gift of God and something we should place a high value on. However it seems as those in the world keep themselves by making the effort to gain an abundance of wealth without knowing the only person with abundance of things men find desirable.  When we look at God we see an abundance of qualities in Godís character that give life meaning and purpose. Still these things men find desirable are things money cannot buy but god is willing to share.

Itís by grace that we are saved from the coming wrath of God against those whose commit sin God finds detestable. Through the graces of God, life can be restored and maintained by Godís graces. This life demands adopting the grace of forgiveness and loving one another, as you would want to be loved. We become fellow servants of our brother and sisters in Christ as well as servants of God our Father.

In respect of being judged by God for the deeds of our life, have we considered a wealth of good deeds.  God has prepared good works for man to do in advance of their time on Earth. In addition by knowing that God has certain expectations of his children shouldnít we be about our father business. By knowing what God expects we can create an abundance of good things to represent his love to the world that needs to know him.

  Because God wants you to do good works out of the wealth of scriptures he will thoroughly equipped you for every good work.

Paul wrote to the church at Phillippi saying,

God will supply everything you need according to his glorious riches in Jesus Christ. The things of value are what we need at the time of need. Money doesnít have much value when we need Godís healing touch or a job that gives us the ability to feed our family. Godís wealth is available to us through faith but Godís wealth is not to be squandered for our personal desires.

However, there are people living in poverty owning cars, boats and luxurious homes. These are the things people of the world brag about, but their life has no value to God. Rather they choose things of the world that robbed God of the Love he wanted from them. They have been deceived in thinking that things will give them happiness and enjoyment for the rest of their lives, yet when the day their body is spent just another day is all they want.


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