Walk By Faith

For the most part the kind of faith exercised by most Christians can be understood by the words they speak. Their prayer requests tell us that Christians walk by sight more than they do by faith. At the same time what I have learned that most Christians looked to their flesh to determine if God has healed them.  The bible tells us that Christians walk by faith not by sight and while this statement may be plain, most Christians rely on how they feel before they trust God.

Personal experience has told me that most Christians have not seen Jesus heal in the same manner as described in the bible. When they pray about their health they see no difference or change in their physical condition. This impression has had a strong impact that influences the faith most Christians have even though they so desperately want to be healed. They did everything they knew to do and yet nothing appeared to change for the better. The outcome of prayer made Godís word nothing more than idle words and eventually they went to the doctorís office seeking to be healed by the worldly methods.

Bible study gave me the knowledge that all men live by every word that comes from the mouth of God and I knew that God does the impossible twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. The question remained why didnít everything work according to the word of God? How could I believe or understand Godís word to be true unless God had the power to everything he promised?

Sometimes we miss doing certain things in our lives that cause the tasks we are attempting to accomplish to fail.  There is a biblical principle that most Christians fail to do and this principle has several steps to accomplish what God intended for the spirit filled man to become.

When thinking upon the combination of these verses isnít God asking us to put his word in our mouth and use those words to live by? We are sons of God so letís consider that God is training us to think and act in the same manner he does? Now God is saying do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth and because you have command of words that leave your mouth you should them to obtain your needs and glorify God.

Jesus provided us with a personal example of this principle. And throughout the recorded ministry of Christ he made many statements that agreed with the following passage.

Why would God want us to repeat his words constantly if it were not that we memorize and learn by repetition? When we memorize his word we can take his word everywhere we go and have a foundation of scripture to think about and act upon as conditions require. In addition Godís word becomes ours enabling us to become an approved workman that handles the word of God properly.

Godís word will have no meaning without considering the value of the spoken words and those inspired by God for manís benefit. Therefore by meditating on Godís word you can see both the practicality and feasibility of Godís word. Paul writes (Romans 12:1-2) that this practice has the power to renew the mind of man so that he will know the good and complete will of God. Knowing his will is ninety nine percent of the battle putting his word into action is a no brainer.

However there is another step to this overall plan given to Joshua. The reason God gave Joshua is that then you will be able to do everything written in his law.  Even from a physical standpoint if we do not do every step required by our employer you could easily make a defective part.

God told Joshua that when you do everything written in the book of law then you will be prosperous and successful. From a spiritual standpoint if we do not do every step required by God you could easily fail to receive what you asked for. For this reason by not doing everything God has commanded you may have some success but not prosper in the things of God.

For the most part every promise of God is conditional and the primary condition has to do with your relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition we receive nothing from God unless it is accepted by faith through the name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father they have come into our spirit to make their abode on us (John 14:23).  I have come to believe that every gift is given to me from God at the spirit level and my actions brings what God has done into the open where it can be seen and recognized by man.

To help you understand that God is in you and at work to make you into the image of Christ letís consider a few facts. Has God ever disciplined you or convicted you of sin? Has God moved you to do good works and has he answered your prayers? If you have said yes to any of these questions than GodĎs power is at work in you.

Because God is in us, God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. What I see as the problem is letting the gifts of God work through our lives the way Jesus did. Ultimately walking by faith is what allows Jesus to minister to others through you.


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