Using Our Faith

Itís interesting to look at the way prayer requests are worded. For example recently one person was heard asking everyone to pray for favorable test results to come back from the doctor. This type of request is a current trend in our church but this particular prayer request reveals that Christians have come to expect healing through human hands rather than through the great physician.

At the same time we must ask if our faith in God is wavering. When you investigate why people do not expect God to heal them supernaturally we are told that God can say no, not now or later. Their words are saying that God doesnít heal in the biblical way every time you ask.  

Technically speaking, I canít find anything in the bible that says that Jesus Christ doesnít heal today as he did while he was ministering Godís word on earth. Yet, the bible states Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8.)  He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within you. (Ephesians 3:20)

While we say God answers prayer, are we expecting God to do the same kind of miracles in our life as he did during his ministry on Earth? All of Godís promises say he will respond in our favor when we demonstrate his love and serve him to glorify his name. The way we word our prayer requests is how God answers our prayers, but at the same time doesnít it tell God where our real faith lies.  Have you ever looked at what the Lord asks of us in hard times?

If God is disciplining us and wants certain changes in our lives then God is at work in us. At the same time, God disciplines us by his power to help us to become the image of Christ. If we were to reason the discipline of our fathers then we would see the power of God making the effort to move a stubborn person like myself to do his will.  The question is do we understand that he is working according to his power that is at work in us and he is able to do more than all we ask of him.

Will God do miracles when you donít ask him or expect him to be glorious in our eyes? And is it possible to restrict the way God answers prayer?

Time and time again when we compare the myths about the way God answers prayer or if he answers prayer with the word of God, we find the myths reducing Godís power to no. Who do you think is telling you not to expect God to be awesome in power and glorious in deed?

Is it possible to find it easier to trust in the methods devised by man that nullify the promises of God? Do we rely on human sight and what we see of the world system to supply our needs? 

Are we forgetting that through Moses the bible tells us that we do not live by bread alone?

Are we forgetting that the flesh of man is only a house where man dwells and it is possible for God to dwell in us? God has provided food from the Earthís soil to keep the flesh of man alive. God also gave man the food of angels raining the bread of heaven down for man to eat.  This bread of life (the manna of God) is Jesus Christ.

We need to consider that mankind has been given a spirit to govern the flesh. This spirit makes decisions that forms and shapes the deeds of the flesh. As our creator God has provided a means to properly administer the decisions that shape our lives. The bread of heaven brought the principles that God lives by to mankind and through those principles we become like Christ who relied on his father in heaven.

We have the fullness of deity dwelling in us when we asked Jesus into our heart to be Lord of our life. Do we know and understand what this means and how knowing God affects the way we live? Are we prepared to exercise the promises of God for his benefit as well for our own needs?


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