Unmerited Favor Versus Earned Favor

Most Christians think of unmerited favor as the grace of God, when grace is a method of exercising his choice to love you. The bible tells us that we are saved by grace not by works lest you should boast. (Ephesians 2:8) When you were saved God also gave you the gift of life.  Within this passage we find out that salvation is a gift through Godís grace that we didnít have to earn but received by faith. Salvation is a gift in response to acknowledging him as Lord.

Salvation is an outcome of a believing and trusting in Jesus Christ and recognizing his authority over your life.  In other words salvation is the outcome of verbally committing your life to serve the one and only true God and by accepting Godís authority your authority must diminish.

Grace is a method of exercising a decision to love. Therefore we must consider the greatest commandment or the most important requirements of God as a law we are asked to adopt.

Everything we do depends on obeying these two laws. Therefore, it appears as if God expects a change at the very center of our being through the way we make decisions and carry them out.  At the same time, we look at the love God commands from us, our name is at the bottom of the list and we are to love everyone else above ourselves. Putting our self on the top of the list would allow us to gratify our own evil desires or the selfish desires of the flesh. We need to understand that putting your name at the top of the list is the way the world satisfies itself without the need to love one another.

This Love demands an outward reach to others, first to God and then to mankind. If we look at the initial love God extends, he does not show favoritism, salvation is for whosoever that believes in his name. Notice he also sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous without partiality.  

The bible tells us that we are saved by grace not by works lest you should boast. (Ephesians 2:8) Notice what the bible says following that passage.

These good works are like those that Jesus did (Acts 10:38) and was accredited by God. (1 Peter 2:15, Romans 2:7, Galatians 6:9) The good works God wants men to do are the same good works that he does for mankind. Jesus brought out a point that every Christian needs to understand.

The Love God demonstrated was an outward reach to the world, not a love that sought personal gain or recognition. He came to serve man and serving manís need required him to make it possible for every man to have a personal relationship with his Father. Therefore it was necessary for Jesus to ransom man, freeing him from the grip of sin. Jesus was sinless his death did not free him from sin but dying was a deed that served the needs of mankind by becoming the Lamb of God.

Serving others does not mean you need divine power of healing but it does mean that you will adopt and employ the teachings of Christ in ways that Christís love can be seen and felt. The majority of things God wants us to do are acts that demonstrate an importance for another personís wellbeing. That deed will lift the spirits of affected person with importance and leave them with a sense of dignity.   

Demonstrating love to someone you donít know is important issue, as God does not show partiality. His love is for those who need it at the time of his or her need. When you do an act of love for the non-believer you show the love of God that may one day cause them to seek the Lord. To me loving one another without partiality is the highest form of grace.

When we look at unmerited favor we have to look at what God did for us. Listen to the last words of Jesus as he was dying for our sins.

Those words were not only for the Pharisees or for the Roman Soldiers that crucified him, but they were words that included you and me. They were words spoken to a lost world that were held captive of their sin nature, who were too busy chasing the wind to notice that God had a plan for their lives that included eternity.  Godís unmerited favor was for anyone regardless of their past.

God devised a plan so man would no longer be separated from him because of sin. Jesus paid the penalty for whosoever who can accept his death on Calvary and his Lordship so they may have everlasting life. Forgiveness is a grace that endures forever and a grace that requires a choice to love and settle the differences between persons.

Unmerited favor is a blessing that begins with a choice, but unmerited favor is a seed that you sow in life that you will reap grace from. Learning to extend Godís grace is a way to bless another person that allows you to show your love for God. At the same time you gain ability to reach out to another person who is in need.  

The world is constantly on the run to satisfy their personal comfort and gratify their longings. Everything they do depend on obeying one law, what do I want in life?  Consider this, the world doesnít know about unmerited favor or the grace of God.


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