Underlining Reasons

Believe it or not I keep returning to this passage to know more about my God and Savior but of late I've learned that the underlining reasons for reading and studying the bible are not clearly at first glance. However the truth of what God is commanding us to do through Joshua 1:8 is basic to the human need. Just as men seek a higher education at college in the sciences of life God is giving mankind a higher education in Social sciences and human behavior so we can love one another. 

Man needs to grow and mature as a human being.  Just as the flesh needs food to become stronger to survive in the world the word of God strengthens the human spirit he or she may overcome the world. At the same time we do not live by what the earth produces but on the knowledge the mouth of our Lord. In other words the knowledge imparted by God is basic to human understanding because it is the truth and a reality needed to prosper through our lifetime.

 God told Joshua to put his word in his mouth and it stands to reason that the mouth is where energize our bodies with food. By the same token the word of God is food for the spirit and the word of God strengthens us to serve the living God. Therefore God has empowered his children to be more than conquers and sons of the living God.

However the reverence of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge leading to wisdom. Just as a college education provides you with a foundation of knowledge to know how things react to certain substances, God provides you with a foundation of knowledge so you will know how to react to sin when tempted.  The bible tells stories of people in the past and their relation to God. Those who did not obey God perished and those who obeyed God prospered and were elevated in stature.

Yet knowledge has no benefit if you do not stay current. Just as technology changes the situations you face in life change. Staying current with God is a choice but it is a choice that enables you to plow through the trials without falling prey to the sin the world encourages you to do.  There is also another benefit with staying current with reading and studying Godís word in that it helps you to prosper as you apply God's word in your day to day life.

The bible tells us in Hebrews 11:6; that without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. In earnestly seeking God you must go near to him to listen to what he says and experience how he honors his promises. Faith requires you to seek him though you may not see him and faith necessitates an action of belief to do what God demands because you know him.

A personís word whom you love will be remembered long after you forget what they look like. In addition their actions influence the way you live more so when their words and actions agree and  give you an advantage regularly. At the same time spending time with God forms a bond of love that will last eternally because of Godís promise.

As Christians we can be as stubborn as mules wanting to do things our way and we become our worst enemy.

Meditating upon his word is repeating his word in your thought life breaks the heart of stone into dust because of its truth. It is the repeated truth that overwhelms the arguments against the knowledge of God. Meditation makes every thought obedient to Christ because in pondering Godís word we learn the reasons behind Godís commands and are compelled to agree with God due to their veracity.

  The reason why God asks you to meditate on his word forms a solid foundation from which can make decisions shaping your character and life.  In addition reading and studying specific passages to glean truth God will lead you to other passages where you can gather additional truth.  As you look deeper into any passage you have retained God will add to your knowledge and make you more productive throughout every area of your life.

Making you more productive in your Christian life will spread into every area of your life because of the habits you form by obeying God. In reading his word you gain knowledge and become sound in your thinking. Meditation makes you check the pros and cons of the physical and spiritual world to the point you become prudent. You will form better plans and make fewer careless decisions. 

Joshua became a leader of men because he obeyed Godís command to place the book of law in his mouth. As he neared the end of his life Joshua gave this witness.

His witness became his commitment with this statement

God gave Joshua a plan that changed the way he saw life and was such an influence that it changed him into a man God could accept as his son. The command God gave Joshua will affect your life in like manner.

This is God's plan to develop mankind into Men and women of God. While this plan may not look right it has Godís promise that by doing everything written in the book of law you will be prosperous and successful. Yet it is your choice to comply to Godís command by faith because he has promised to reward those who earnestly seek him. Complying with God's plan gives you the opportunity to experience his love and the knowledge you are going home to live with your heavenly father when this /life is complete.  8/17/15


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