Truthful Versus Liar    

Truth is a essential building block for trust in everyoneís character. Truthfulness builds a dependable characteristic that people desire and admire and no matter who you are, the demand for truthful response aids the decision process. People do not want answers or advice that gives inaccurate information or turns out erroneous and unreliable.  

Itís better to say I donít know or I am not sure than it is to give an answer off the top of your head. There are men and women that are knowledgeable on every subject under the sun, except the answer they gave you ended up being in error. The problem is that they didnít realize that you are relying on them for their advice but it caused the harm you didnít want or need.

It is the consistency of telling the truth that people are looking for and they are constantly searching for anyone whose advice is beneficial to them every time they need help. Truthfulness has purpose and it is asset for a life of integrity.

It also means that you can look at your life to see if you are being truthful with yourself.  People have faults but when a friend reveals a fault theyíve seen in your life you should trust their judgment enough to listen to them. When a friend reveals your fault they are only trying to help make your life better for those around you.  They are not out to harm you, instead they want to correct a fault that is hurting everyone.

Itís difficult to get through to someone that immediately defends his actions but the bible tells us a mocker will hate you but a wise man will love you because of your rebuke. (Proverbs 9:8) Being truthful may hurt for a while but in the long run will pay dividends.

Truthfulness is a moral issue with the intent to do no harm. So often it appears as if one has to color the truth to prevent harming another personís ego but coloring the truth is an act of misrepresenting the truth. Truth is never peppermint flavored, but neither is a lie, that is until the deception has been  found out. The lie is poison to the soul, but the truth is sweet and the exact flavor you wanted.

The act of consistently telling truth is a stabilizing factor of life. Because truthfulness is a moral issue, the truth steers your path in such a way that you will not have to memorize what you said to anyone. The truth will be the same regardless of whom you have spoken to. It also means because there is no attempt to deceive anyone and your words become trustworthy.   

When God says that these words are trustworthy and true we can take his words to heart. Are you going to take his words seriously?

  Most Christians know John 17:17 by heart but Jesus said something else that adds validity to the Godís word, your word is truth.

Those who desired eternal life through Jesus Christ have also learned to love Jesus and the father through his word. Every precept has merit, every promise is true, and every word can be taken to heart. His promises may be worded differently, but they have proven to be trustworthy in every way. Joshuaís testimony about Godís promises said this.

He concluded that every promise of God never failed, but were fulfilled.  Joshua cautioned his people by saying if Godís promises never failed neither would the curses of law. They will fall on you if you forsake him by doing evil in his sight. Both were promises and both were for the benefit of man. The curses were meant to bring you back to God however, if you did not respond the curses they would increase until you were destroyed.    

We know Godís word will be achieved its purpose (Isaiah 55:11) and we know that the prophecy regarding the end times will be fulfilled.  The truthfulness of Godís words has become fact as every prophecy regarding Jesus Christ was accomplished to the letter. The majority of prophecy regarding the end times has already been completed and God has established a record of performing his prophetic words. By taking the record of the truthfulness of Godís words to heart Christians around the world are preparing themselves for his coming. Christians are also expecting the old order of things to pass away for there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain in Heaven. (Revelation 21:4-5)

However the majority of men and women have never trusted in Godís word to know the actual benefit of Godís truthfulness for their self. They depend on their senses and experience to guide their lives. But they will perish because they refused to love the truth and be saved from the coming wrath of God. They will be condemned because they gave proof that they believed a liar known as Satan.


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