Truth of The World

A world of truth is found in the burdens of life and seen through the struggle of living from one day to the next. Everyday presents a new challenge to overcome and we wonder why the bad things always happen to us.  Life has been made tougher because the men and women of the world live in a state of opposition. However, to believe that God created the heavens and earth is to believe everything was created by the principles of truth that God him self lives by.

The people of the world are the children of Satan who is better known as the deceiver, live by a set of rules contrary to the truth. The nature of truth has qualities the majority of the world admires and demands from other people.  While truth is open to scrutiny, the majority of people donít want the world to know what his or her true character is really like. The truth about oneís character after it has been smoothed over becomes hidden and never revealed to anyone. With so much secrecy and deception the only person who really wants to know about your faults is the person that benefits from them.

When you look long enough, everything that God made allows you to see his nature and the principles of truth God lives by. This truth perpetuates and preserves the creation for the past six thousand years and has the potential to continue forever. From a human standpoint we take it for granted that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning.  Within this daily experience we see the eternal nature of God and become aware of Godís existence even when we cannot see him. We know that God has made everything we can see because the divine nature of God has made the work of his hands plain to everyone leaving no one without excuse.

For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse. Romans 1: 20

A belief in the creation leaves no room for the scientific explanation for our existence. It is impossible for the scientific community to come up with a verifiable explanation of how or when life began.  The only verifiable record of creation comes from the person of God who was present to see it all happen. When confronted with the truth and the theories of experts in the scientific field we have to consider what the facts conclude. The facts about creation contain truth that overrules the feasibility of scientific theories and establishes the person of God.

Godís divine nature is seen in his creation whom God gave man the right to rule over the birds that soar through the air, fish that swim in the deep and the creatures, which move over the surface of the earth. God is seen as the divine ruler of the universe and the being who made man in his image. In comparing God with man in this light both, God and man have the ability to rule, but man is limited to ruling over the environment he lives within and his own destiny.

Eventually man began to populate the earth and found that man does not have the right to rule over his own kind except by consent and mutual agreement. Even then men and women want to be in charge and often usurp the existing authority to take charge. Furthermore, men have learned to work together for the common good of everyone concerned. They give consent to others to rule over them as long as the alliance with leadership benefits their life. Forming a coalition requires that our leaders live up to the standards of what is just right and fair to the entire group. Unfortunately, when the leader is corrupt, the person under his rule is intimidated to do the dirty work and caught in the fallout of his decisions.

The majority of manís tribulation is due to sickness and the kind of relationship they develop with God and other people. Our outlook on life develops naturally as we mature and the circumstance of how we have been treated in our past influences the way we handle relationships in the future.

Its unfortunate that men fail to investigate Godís outlook on life to learn why he is so concerned about the decisions we as human beings make. More often, our decisions are not on based what God wants, but on what we see with our eyes and the way others handle the truth. The self-centered decisions of men more often result in deeds that are beneficial for them and take from those who do not have the capability of defending themselves.

 The world is like a magic show where the trick is to deceive the audience while they are spellbound by what is happening on the stage.  The show continues by distracting everyone from the reality of life because the audienceís has the knowledge that what they see on center stage, does not happen in everyday life. What the world doesnít know is that sin is deceptive, but their uncontrolled cravings distract them from making the right decision. It is not generally understood that sin corrupts everyone that commits sin.

Divorce for example was despised in 1940, but because divorce has become common it has become acceptable behavior when it is still unacceptable in Godís eye.  Sin dissipates into obscurely because the world has not been educated about the harm of sin. The reality is that the world sees other men sin regularly and nothing bad appears to happen to them. They appear to flourish without a concern over the consequences of their sin. However, today the sin covered over and quietly hidden in your closet and the sin the world accepts becomes a merit badge to boast about.

The world is more concerned over the behavior of other people more than about their own. If anything goes wrong it is easier to point the finger than accept the blame. Its all because they have done what is right in their eyes so the fault has to lie somewhere else. Even when the fault falls into their lap, they will deny that they were at fault. The world shares a rather high opinion of the way they live rather than to recognize that all have sinned and fallen short of God.

However, perfection is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder is rarely ready to cut any slack. They have a custom of making rules that they want the rest of the world to employ with but are not willing to be first to set the example. It is a system of double standards that looks after its own interest, without a concern for other people. The world allows each person to have a standard suited to his or her needs.

The world is geared to provide you with things that use your time and keep you coming back for more. No sooner than you acquire everything you need to be happy youíll become unsatisfied with the things that gave you a false sense of happiness. When you become tired of being entertained with one thing, the world comes out with something newer and better saying you must have it to keep up with the times. It becomes an endless cycle to keep up with the Smithís, to have the latest and the greatest to remain up to par with our friends and neighbors.

The world equates you to loaf of bread and a night on the town. Eventually the need or love for money compromises your personal sense of right and wrong and the average person will find a way around doing what is right for their benefit. It becomes as simple as not correcting the cashier who gave you too much change back or not trying to find the owner of a twenty dollar bill you found in the parking lot. The outcome is what is good for the goose is good for the gander and they develop the same attitude with other people.  Eventually almost everyone is corrupted by the methods the world uses to deal with them. In this trap they sin against each other, not realizing that their deeds create a domino affect trickling down to the people who are really in need. Sin affects your life and the more you think about your problems the more it provokes revenge, but exacting revenge makes you as bad as the person that sinned against you.

The role of deception plays in the individual increases with his or her position in life. The higher the position the practice of deception becomes more skilled. The deception is hidden from the eyes of those who are affected and the leaders pass the buck leaving the middleman up the creek without a paddle. Meanwhile the leader is credited with finding an expendable person to take the blame.

When asked what is going on these leaders use another form of deception called rhetoric. Rhetoric is the art of discussing a subject using information that is generally known, but without saying anything pertinent on the subject. Rhetoric often employs ambiguous wording combined with highly technical wording that only a few people understand to add to the confusion. The outcome of rhetoric becomes the disclaimer for the person who learns to use it. While he spoke volumes about the subject, he can say that is not what he said when things go wrong. Still he can take credit when everything goes as planned.

The consensus is that you have to be crooked to be a politician, but that is not true. The perception of the public is that all politicians are so crooked that when they die you donít have to give them an elaborate funeral, just screw them into the ground. While can make fun about the general characteristics of these leaders, the truth of the matter is that the public elected them into office. All it takes is a dishonest leader of self-importance to see that crookedness crosses the line into every vocation. Even in the corporate world it is not uncommon to see businessmen leave their job with an enormous retirement or a severance package that the average man can live for the rest of their life in luxury.

 People donít have to be a leader to possess deceptive qualities, but these personal characteristics develop with the knowledge that the outcome of their decisions will benefit their life in some way. Anyone can take pride in their accomplishments, but when they boast about their accomplishments to belittle others they become overly proud of themselves and become arrogant towards other people. The lack of foresight in what the future may bring produces a carefree life and whatever happens weíll pay for it later. Unfortunately, the decision is not only costly to the self-centered leader, but someone else pays for his or her choices.

The person who lacks wisdom doesnít take time to consider how his actions affect the lives of other people. There are some people that talk without engaging their mind or have their foot in their mouth. There are people who know everything on every subject under the sun and use that information to outdo other people, but all they are doing is showing how stupid they really are. In addition, the world is full of people that seldom attend church, havenít read Godís word in ages and unknowingly lie about the God who cares for them.  

Again people use their tongue as if it had venomous poison to harm or belittles other people. The words that come out of the mouth openly speak of the character and opinions held sacred by the speaker and those treasured words show that man can tame everything except his tongue.  A former English teacher once said profanity is the effort of a weak mind trying to enforce itself.  Words may not break bones but the poor choice of words openly attacks the dignity of another person. Unfortunately, what people say about another person becomes the ammunition for the victim to hold a grudge.

What makes man unfit to his fellow man is the motivation that supports the reasoning and forms the decisions he lives by. Man deems his self worth important enough that he demands to be treated with respect. With that purpose in mind, people have united for the common good and formed a constitution by which they agree to live by. Inappropriate behavior by anyone is considered unlawful and subject to a penalty. Needless to say a few with in this society say it is only wrong if you are caught and sadly a large portion of crimes goes unsolved and unpunished. Because of this, people continue to do things under the table until they are caught in the act and punished.

The world does not encourage placing limits on your life, but the reality dictates what your perception of life should be. The world actively stimulates the desire for things and furnishes the logic that will motivate you to participate in its activities.  However the truth is that the consequences for the decisions you make will always find the path you are taking. Ultimately, your decision shapes your destiny where there will be no one to blame, but you

For the most part, the majority of men and women of the world think that they live an acceptable life among their peers. The irony is they havenít done anything they havenít seen their acquaintances do and some say they wouldnít be caught dead doing what their friends have done. They are appalled at what goes on in the world and among friends becomes quite verbal on the subject. However those who complain about wrongdoing have the excuse that what they do is not done in the same degree, besides, everyone else is doing it. They consider their actions harmless when done to others, but when it happened to them its disastrous and makes the sparks fly.  

While indulging in the things of the world you became a captive and a slave to the system that dictates your reason to live becomes reason to buy the things it produces. Jobs with the wages to pay for the things you need are skimpy and then the world is swift discard and tramples you into the dust because you are not keeping up with everyone else.

Every person on the face of the earth has the knowledge of good and evil because they know how they want to be respected and considered by others. The means that justifies its end doesnít demonstrate a concern for the people you are commanded to love and respect. Instead people become a target of the bottom line and something to discard when the world achieves its goals. In an environment of people that are self-motivation it becomes logical to assume this attitude about life. Whoís going to look after my interest if I donít?

The truth about the world is hidden like truth that is growing in the cracks of the worldís sidewalk. There has to be more to life than the things the world to make you happy. These things never satisfy the desire to know why was I born, what purpose does my life have and how can I influence others enough to leave the world better off when I leave it behind. With the attitude of whoís going to look after my interest if I donít, youíll never find the answers to what life is all about. Jesus Christ said.

So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:31-34


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