Truth Of Morals

One of the favorite excuses of those in the world is that the truth of Godís word is not how the real world works. Itís not that the world doesnít know the truth, but the world wants to do as they see fit in their eyes.  They live by sight and they themselves reflect a corrupted world. The world suppresses the truth by concealing their faults to avoid personal embarrassment and avoids the shame of being caught red handed. While they attempt to hide their faults, they make sure the faults of everyone else are known when they are not around to defend themselves.

So widespread is this cover up of human immorality that the majority of the world has chosen to do what everyone else appears to be getting away with. The world has grown accustomed to a system that is geared to deception and mistrust. It never fails that people have alternative reason behind everything they do. When this happens the facts have a way of becoming exaggerated and the person telling the story becomes the hero that saved the day. When all the negative stuff is known it appears as that in this world is only looking out for his or her personal interest.  

Someone once said if you have more than five friends during your lifetime that you can consider yourself lucky.  What would you do if all your friends were straightforward and completely honest with you? The world knows that there is something different about Christians and admires Christians for the way they live. Being straightforward and completely honest with others in a world that is based on deceit is not easy. The world is consistently knocking on your door influencing you to join in what they are doing. It even gets tougher when they advance up the ranks faster, have more money to spend and have the things you only dream about, but you are left behind wanting.

What would life be like if everyone adopted the moral principles of God? Certainly life for Christians who are attempting to become more Christ-like would be better. However, the world is not likely to change until Christianís become the moral leader that displays the moral fiber of Jesus Christ. Developing Christís character takes a disciplined, deliberate and determined effort on your part dedicated to learn and apply godly principles by the way you live.

The world does not teach relationships or how men are to deal with other people. Rather they legislate and enforce law concerning relationships through the court. Teaching your child to respect other people is left solely to the parents.  The law restricts the parents so that you can no longer spank your child. By law spanking is considered to be abusing your child.  Consequently, you may have to explain every suspicious bruise on your childís body to teachers, doctors, social workers and a judge. It seems that we are living in a world with a double standard, one that punishes the parent for training their child to be well behaved.

Morals teach you a way of life to deal with people properly in a just and fair manner. However without the limitations, the world is a lover of self, of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than people with disciplined lives. (Paraphrased 2 Timothy 3:2-4)

Immorality is on the increase as more and more men and women are resorting to deceit to obtain the desires of their heart. They practice idea that the end justifies the means and anything goes as long as you're not caught. As long as the world doesnít end up with the short end of the stick little will be done to prevent such practices from occurring again. The cause for immorality can be reduced to a common factor of pure selfishness, a trait every person on earth has. No one has the initiative to deny his or her desires for the betterment of the rest of the world including the person that they married to.

The grounds for divorce is more often caused by the lack of denying ones personal needs to serve the needs of one you committed with an oath to love. How can your spouse feel secure in a relationship if there is no demonstration of concern over how they feel? Then again, are you working for the common good or well being of your spouse and marriage?

 Denying your personal needs to serve others has to be taught because you receive benefits from your relationship with other people. The most important asset of the world is people, but due to self-centeredness, the world is only interested in the well being of their own life. Even within the family there is a struggle among the family member to be the center of attention. No one ever takes time to think, where would this world be without other people?

In America couples marry the person they love, in other countries, marriages are arranged years in advance. What makes arranged marriages last a lifetime? Whether the marriage was arranged or being married to a person, who loves you, marriages endure for one reason. One must serve the needs of the spouse and show a concern for the their welfare. These concerns give your spouse a sense of security and demonstrate your love for them. Love takes a disciplined, deliberate and determined effort on your part dedicated to be the person your spouse wants spend the rest of their life with.

The reality of this world is that if there were no other people on this planet you would have no reason to live. However the world also believes as long as you donít protect your assets you will end up alone with nothing. What good did it do to acquire things that you canít take with you, when you leave this world?  If the most important asset of the world is its people, what are we doing to protect the assets available to you?

What makes our social world work is the communication between one another and what we do to other people. Do we know how our decisions affect other people that are our assets? The value you place on your assets depends on your ability to serve and protect the importance of other people. The only way to develop an importance to other people is through your character.

 When one looks at the Ten Commandments you can see the fundamental way God wants his creation to respect one another. The reality of the Ten Commandments doesnít sink into your being immediately just by reading them. You need to comply with each commandment to understand that these commandments concern the needs and respect other people demand. The condensed version of the Ten Commandments is to love our creator with our entire being and to love his creation the way you would want to be loved.

The road to sound relationships with other people can only begin with a sacred respect for your creator. Becoming accountable to God is no worse that becoming accountable to the law of the land and the people who enforce them. You are also personally accountable to your partner in marriage, your children and to your personal integrity. Your concern for someone you love and respect will make you change the way you deal with the people they love.   

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

Ultimately what you do to other people affects their lives and will come back to either serve your needs or hinder them. This corresponds Newtonís law that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction the principle of sowing and reaping.  God has placed within us a desire to be successful, but he is also concerned with how we treat other people on the way to success. Successful people know that itís the people around you that make you successful not your aggressive attitude. How you respond to the needs of other people often returns in the effort that they make to please you. If you treat other people with respect they will respect you.

Treating others with respect is not always easy to do, but in the long run respecting others will make them inclined to be friendly and considerate when you need their help.  Even if you never need their help they will speak well of your life. On the other hand, businessmen such as your employer will demand that you treat his customer with professional courtesy. To them professional courtesy is being polite and exercising a rigid and controlled behavior, one that brings the customer back to keep his or her business.

Your behavior is controlled by the rules of engagement that that limits your conduct to respect the needs of other people. Violating these rules by lying or belittling are the easiest way to hurt the personal feelings of other people. For this reason, any time you oppress the dignity of other people, the injured party will lose respect for you. Honoring anyone above you is an open demonstration showing that you have love and respect for him or her as a person of worth.

Your self-esteem is the most fragile part of the human nature. Within the self-esteem of people is a sense of worth that is desired and valued by them known as dignity. The loss of self-esteem can be enough discouragement to the soul that you lose interest in living. Some have a desire to get even and seek the opportune moment for revenge.

Your self-esteem can be crushed when you allow others to dictate how you feel through what theyíve said or done. Although it is easier said than done, you can govern your worth to others and take pride in being right, just and fair to other people by exercising the methods that God teaches.

It seems as if everyone wants to rule his or her life like a king surrounded by an army. While very few in the world have an army to command they still demand that everyone think of them as a king that has the right to rule the life of other people.  In reality everyone is a king that rules over the lives of other people as long as they are willing to submit to your demands. However, if everyone was a king and could command other people, where are those who will obey his commands? When everyone is a king shouldnít we be treating them as one?

Respectability is the value that others place on your life based of the way you serve their needs. Everyone judges you by your behavior and places a value on your worthiness as a friend.  Life teaches you that very little can be successfully done without the support of other people. Therefore, morals demand that you to conform to actions socially acceptable by everyone.   

Godís word speaks volumes on the subject of behavior of the human race. God speaks through Paul and John about the intolerable behavior that will not be accepted in heaven and teaches what is expected of Godís children. The way of life Jesus taught the beatitudes on the mount speaks of spiritual aspects of acceptable behavior by God. God also gave easy to remember sayings within Proverbs through the Wisdom of Solomon.  From the scriptures we learn the ways to establish acceptable behavior of a gracious father with warnings of what to expect if we do not meet his standards.

God placed in us the knowledge of good behavior by the way we expect to be treated by other people. Do we as human beings treat others as we want to be treated? Most people have a double standard, they want to be a king that demands everyone to serve their needs without giving anything in return. Who's left to serve your needs? God created you be a king, but a king that serves the needs of his fellow man. In the long run you will reap what you sow, not everyone will do for us what we did to them, but that doesnít excuse us from doing what we want done to us?

Why do our mates demand us to be honest with them? How do we deal with a person who exaggerates everything to look good, for personal gain and is only faithful to their word when it benefits their need?  Its easy to discern those who are two-faced and are self-centered? The moral standard that one conducts their life is the benchmark that people use to rate your worth to them. Our lives are constantly at center stage where anyone can see our concern for the well being of other people.

What is the truth and where do we stand on certain issues? The world is the stage where people present a moral truth about his or her character. The truth we produce is a balance act of meeting the needs of others while meeting our own needs.

Falseness and deception are everywhere you look in this world and as a Christian you are not to conform to the pattern of this world. God wants you to separate yourself from the pattern the world and choose to live by the truth. The pattern set by Jesus Christ was of one of being united to God and completely devoted to his needs. Jesus was completely faithful over Godís house and made atonement for the sins of the people God is concerned with.

The moral standard of God meets an acceptable manner of dealing with other people by showing respect, love, honor and concern for the good of others. When we apply the moral standards of God to the way we live, God will approve of our right standing with men. Changing your moral standard to be right with God changes how we deal with other people. God opens our eyes to see that other people are in the same boat as we are and that God loves everyone.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

In understanding the nature of God, we learn to admire the love that God has for his creation. The truth of John 3: 16 is that Jesus Christ was sent by God into the world to atone for the sins of mankind. His blood shed on the cross became the ransom price for those held captive by sin.  Christís death on the cross displayed his concern for mankind to be reconciled man to God drove Christ to the cross to serve the needs of mankind. Without reconciliation, man would be separated from God and thrown in dungeons prepared for fallen angels. Christís death on the cross was a moral choice because his decision to die would benefit everyone who would accept his death as payment for their sin.

Salvation is the plan God has chosen to apply to all of mankind and no one is excluded. God does not want you to perish and therefore wants everyone to find salvation through Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Christís death displayed his concern for our well being and lived a sinless life to provide the perfect sacrifice, something man could not do for himself.

When we refuse to lie or steal, obey authorities, and take a stand to do what is right before God we pose no threat to the self-esteem of other people. Rather doing good to other people is beneficial to both parties in every relationship. When you honor another person above your self and consider them worthy of being loved you make them feel safe and secure. Feeling safe and secure allows you to live at peace with God and your fellow man.

The golden rule and the spiritual law of sowing and reaping should be a foundation that motivates you to do good things for your fellow man. Newtonís law of motion is contained within the phrase for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Morals can be called rules of engagement that would limit preventable hostility and the retaliation to the evil that has been done to us.  Morals limit its user to do what is just, right and fair regardless of what has been done to them. Morals help you to keep you dignity and integrity intact.  Ultimately if we sow actions that lead to peaceful relations, peace is the crop we will reap.

Morals have the purpose of building relationship by conforming to standards that are considered to be right by everyone. Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and we inherited the knowledge of right and wrong from them. Therefore moral standards of God are embedded within our minds, because of Adam and Eve. Every person on the face of the earth is without an excuse because man wants to be treated with respect.

A deed is an act we perform and a public record of assets within a system of law. As Human beings everything we do and say becomes a public record within the universe that God rules. Time and time again a righteous God has promised to reward every man according to his or her deeds. Ultimately the choices you make will shape the evidence God will judge you by. Those who have done good will rise to live, and those who have done evil will rise to be condemned.

Within his word, God has instructed everyone to be true, honest, sincere, and love one another as you want to be treated. Your behavior is important to God. The truth about morals is that you have choice and the knowledge to control the way you treat others with the same love and respect that you demand from them. However, consider this - Morals define the standards accepted within the land where you live. Therefore, we should live by the standards accepted as just fair and right where we have our citizenship - in Heaven


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