True Versus False

Have you ever seen a frog walk? Everyone can spot something wrong with this question. A walking frog is not consistent with the nature, they jump, leap and hop, but they donít walk. This illustration is absolutely contrary to reality so everyone should be able to see the deceit almost immediately.  

Therein lies the nature of what is true, whatever is true is consistent with reality. Everything has a procedure and works in a prescribed way. Scientist uses this principle to know the reaction to a series of identical test. When the reaction is the same in every test whatís true becomes apparent.

For the most part I use the two or more witness rule to establish what is true. My reasoning tells me that one witness represents a person who may have experienced and may know the facts, but a single witness leaves room for doubt. When the testimony of second witness agrees with the first, their combined statements present a verifiable statement that conforms to reality. However, when several statements agree the overwhelming facts erases all doubt of error.  We have the consistency of reality.

Consistency and agreement makes basic foundation to establish the truth. Most people do not understand how they make their real life known to other people. The one thing consistent about people is how they react to other people under identical situations. Just as people are creatures of habit it is repeating those occurrences continue in the same way that establishes what is true in your life.  Just as scientist sees a frequency of the same reaction that reaction reveals what is real and true.

There has to be a reason for certain issues to arise in our life with consistency. Could it be that God allows these issues to happen as if it were an experiment to see how you react to a given test? This may present a reality we hadnít thought about. According to Godís word, he promised to reward each man according to his deeds.

Deeds are actions representing what was said and done during your lifetime that belong to you alone. The consistency of your actions presents a reality of truth regarding your character.  Itís the consistency that people and God are looking for. We need to consider that people also look at specific reactions to identify your character. At the same time if God were to use two or three witnesses that you unknowingly provide to establish the truth about your life, what would he see?

As Christians being true to Jesus Christ demands that we take our commitment to heart. That vow made him Lord of our life. God is looking at our life to see if we are genuine to know if our commitment is real.  Being faithful to him and his cause makes the validity of your commitment credible. In other words what we do in life constructs a pattern for everyone to see but the people surrounding your life will use the pattern you make to judge your life.

From your pattern, men and women determine whether you are worthy of trust. Your words and actions tell them whether your life devoted to serving God. Everyone wants to know whether your promises worthy of merit and if you can be relied upon?  The pattern developed by your life determines if you are credible person and worthy of being a friend.  

Most of the sermons Iíve heard about worshipping God in spirit and in truth has much to do with the energy given to worship songs. My experience tells me that it is hard to consistently express the degree of enthusiasm that they are talking about.  At the same time we should consider this.

In so many ways God has spoken about the condition of the heart. He is just as interested in the overflow of manís heart. (Luke 6:45) Paul spoke about the renewing of the mind as being a reasonable act of worship. What Paul meant by renewing the mind was to rebuild the foundation of our thoughts to one that could think in a godly fashion. In other words, our citizenship is registered in Heaven then we should be able to think as if we have been born and raised in the spirit realm.

Consider this, when we think in spiritual terms, our actions will be spiritual. Our actions will agree with our thoughts and work for our good and the good of others.

In the verse above Paul is giving us an example of living according to the spirits desire by speaking to one another in spiritual terms and singing spiritual songs. Paul is telling us to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires.

Renewing our mind changes the attitude of your mind, which in turn gives us the ability to create the new man.  If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation one that has been formed to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

Itís difficult to put up a false front before God. He knows the condition of the heart even when it is far from him and whether the lips of man truly honor him. The deeds of man tell God the condition of the heart whether itís good or evil. Man will reap the reward from God according to how he has sown his life. If he pleases his sinful nature he will reap destruction but if he sows to the spirit he will reap eternal life.


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