The Power Of Jesus Name

For the most part the chapter 14 of John is entirely the spoken instructions of Jesus Christ to prepare the disciples to serve God after he had returned to the father. Jesus wanted to reassure the disciples that he would be with them in a unique relationship.

 One of the themes covered throughout John dealt primarily with the oneness of God the father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus explained oneness with his father so that when he went back to the father they would know that they would not be alone.

Over nine times Jesus said that he was in the father and the father was in him. Jesus knew that when we were born again we would also have an oneness with his father. The same oneness Jesus had with the father does not change when Jesus comes into our heart to dwell.

Jesus did not hide the fact that he was not alone but openly declared this.

What Jesus was about to instruct his disciples was a life changing principle that every Christian should know.

Jesus is saying that you will do greater miracles than Christ did in his ministry? Why, for two reasons, Jesus Christ was going to the Father and secondly, your faith in Jesus Christ. 

Reading further Jesus explains why you will do greater miracles than Christ did. When Jesus died on the cross for our sins he was exalted to the right hand of God (Acts 2:33) and then returned to dwell in our lives.

What I think is important is that Jesus said that you would know that he would not return alone but bring his father with him.

On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. John 14:20 Jesus replied, "If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. John 14:23

It is for this reason and according to your faith in Christ that you will do even greater things than Christ did. Take a closer look at the words of Christ. The miracles I do in my Father's name speak for me (John 10:25.)

 Jesus had faith in his father and spoke the words of his father and did what he saw his father doing.

In addition Jesus did not take credit for the miracles his father did while the father dwelt in him. Consider this, we have the father dwelling in us and the miracles Christ performed can be performed through us. Letís look at the big picture to understand what Jesus is saying in this verse.

When we look at John 14:20, the words of Christ will begin to make sense, you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. In other words, you are the temple in which God lives in. When we love and obey Jesus the father will love us and come to dwell in us alongside of Jesus.

Nicodemus was a member of the Jewish ruling council, and was drawn to Jesus Christ. He said.

Christians need to understand that both the father and Son live in us. Therefore the relationship Jesus had with the father is extremely important to us for we have become the temple of the living God (2 Corinthians 6:16.) We have the same father dwelling in us that Jesus had and his power is available to us when we believe and trust in  God and Jesus.

Do we have faith in Jesus? Doubt is our greatest enemy and we have to have a resolve to believe and trust in God. Remember this,

God is faithful to his word and some of his promises give us unlimited power within his kingdom.  Whatever you ask in Jesus name has the promise that Jesus would anything you ask of him. This promise does not give you free rein but a responsibility to live by faith with a measure of accountability. 

The disciple of Christ is known by his fruit, but at the same time there is a responsibility to remain in Christ and produce fruit.


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