Testing Faith Develops Perseverance

It may seem strange to consider going through any trial is for the sole purpose of testing your faith. The test is critical for it reveals what you are lacking and gives you the opportunity to improve the faith you have. The primary purpose of the test is to discover how to use your faith and finally making your faith both feasible and workable. Through the experience of using your faith over time you will mature and not lack anything.

Testing you is a common practice of God and by the same token Christians test the Lord often to know that he honors his word. Testing is the means both God and you have to have assurance and to know for certain if the other personís word and actions are one and the same. Ultimately, any test of faith will prove whether you are reliable to God.

In Deuteronomy 8:1-5 Moses was telling the people of Israel that God wanted to know what was in their heart, and whether or not the people would keep his commands. Moses continued that man did not live by the bread the earth produces and made it quite clear man lives by every word commanded by the Almighty God.

Obeying the word of God has a degree of trust to it but knowing through experience that you can overcome the world is a victory that only comes through faith.  On the other hand, we can obey the Lord to the limits of our understanding and not have the victory.

As Christians we do not always do all that is written in the book of the law because we have not taken it to heart. Many Christians say there is not enough time in the day to read the word of God. They for the most part have not made the time to be with their God or tried to know what to expect from him. Joshua 1:8 gives you a proven method that will take his word to your heart so that those words can be in your mouth.

Placing his word in your heart has the set purpose that makes it possible to do all that is written in his word. It goes on to say that when you have done everything then you will be prosperous and successful. This is Godís plan and our way to obtain the victory that will overcome the world by the faith we place in God. 

Godís word is spirit and life (John 6:63) and is the spiritual method to be prosperous and successful in Godís realm and in our world. Godís word is a plan where every step has a purpose and needs to be put into action in a regular basis with patience and persistence. It is a plan that requires a belief in the feasibility of Godís word and a course of action that is consistent with the word inspired through Godís mouth.

What this means is the plans he established before the creation of the world is alive and active in the present day and age. Godís plan will work in the same fashion today as they did in the Old Testament.

Can we understand God gave his word because he loves us and will use his power to gain your confidence within the promises he gives to us. We need confidence in God because there are powerful weapons of deception in the spirit realm that are struggling for the dominant influence in your life.

 The god of this world wants you to rely and live by the influence the flesh has on your life.  In other words the god of this world wants you to live by sight not by faith. The God of creation wants to guide your spirit into the truth and is pleased to honor his promises so you may believe in him and be successful in all you do.

 The balance of power lies in your hands to decide whom to believe and in whom you have chosen to rely on.

Every Christian has persevered in this portion of Godís word and knows without a shadow of a doubt that they have been saved. This is only the first step in the plan of salvation. However, our salvation will be tested by the world that will attempt to get you back in the world and by God who wants you to grow in your salvation.

God wants you to make certain changes to continue in your salvation. His plan requires active involvement and everything you participate in and those things will becomes a test to see if you will do all that the Lord has commanded you to do. When you obey God, he will know the love you have for him and for those he loves.


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