Sunlight Versus Rain

When we think of sunlight we are referring to the radiance of the sun cast on the Earth. Sunlight often speaks of the condition of our environment and the amount of brightness surrounding our outside activities.   Man takes advantage of sunlight for the active part of the day but the amount of light often affects our outlook on that day. When the clouds hide our sunlight the darkness gives a gloomy outlook.

Perhaps we havenít looked at the sun as a source of light that governs our life for light is critical to sensual beings. Sunlight governs the day for it is a strong light capable of providing light for every creature on the face of the earth. It gives us the ability to see the obstacles in our path and move about freely. Sunlight is so normal to men that if the sun ceased to exist, everyone would panic. The world considers the Sun to be a renewable resource because of its reliability. God predicted that during the end times the sun will be darkened and thinking about that all I can imagine is the panic and chaos that will take place to humble mankind.  

Anytime men loose control of their surroundings such as during an earthquake, they go into hysteria. Its not normal for the weather conditions to be in control of them yet the weather conditions are capable of tossing men and women about in any direction like a wet rag. For the most part the weather conditions promote life and provide men with the necessities to continue living.     

Man has built all kinds of shelters, wear sunglasses, carry umbrellas, and seek the shade of trees to avoid the heat and brilliance of the sun. The light of this world affects everyone, but unseen by the world is the eternal light of the Son.  Jesus said,

Every person knows what earthly life is but canít explain true life. Life is not about existing for self-indulgence but how we share life with others. Led by Satan the world is cruel toward its inhabitants making life miserable at times. Jesus Christ entered the world to reveal his fatherís plan and became the light of the world to reveal a true way to live. Without this light from God we would fall victim to the corrupt ways of the world.

The words of our Lord are spirit and life. (John 6:63) The meaning of these words elude some however we learn that man does not live by the food produced from the soil alone, rather his life depends on every word spoken by God. (Deuteronomy 8:3) His Sonís word is a lamp until our feet and light revealing a good way to live. If our life were to depend on human reasoning believing that God rules the entire universe, than our life depends on obedience to every word of God.

Many did not recognize Jesus Christ as the messiah especially the Pharisees who studied his word. God placed a light on his Son Jesus and accredited him with signs and wonders. He used a parable of how the candle was placed so everyone could see the light from it. Then because of the Pharisees unbelief, he was taken to the top of mount Calvary and there was sacrificed as the Lamb of God. On mount Calvary he became the candle placed in plain sight so everyone could see his light.

The bible tells us that,

For Christians we are given the promise of life through the light of the Son. We are also looking for the dawn of a new day when the sun of righteousness will rise.

We are looking towards the day when we shall become like him,

More important we be with him enjoying the light of the heavenly city.

On that day the Lord will create,

On that day it will begin to rain but not the normal way it rains on earth.


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