Spotless Versus Blemished

Who wants a brand new car off the show room floor with a broken windshield? When most people spend thousands of dollars for a new car they expect it to be  without damaged and in good working order. In Christ Jesus you are a new creature and you were bought with the shed blood of Godís only Son, so we have to ask, does God wants a person that is damaged by sin?

God does not wanted to purchase damaged goods or goods that doesnít fit hispurposes, he thinks you are so precious that he will take you as you are. He bought you as if you were a derelict knowing that you were in need of cleaning and repair. Immediately everyone saw that something had changed as God restored you for his use. He entered a clean heart declared you holy and made your body a temple for God to live in.   

No matter how you look at it, God is going to do everything in his power to teach you how to clean up your life and live right in his eyes.  Therefore, we must find out what God considers proper and then live accordingly.

Jesus was asked, what the most important commandment is and those he expected his people to obey.   

In another place Jesus said,

For the most part God is making an effort to raise each of his children to have the characteristics everyone will love and admire. What men donít understand is that God wants us to have the same characteristics that we admire him for. Just as we would, God is raising his children according to the ways he thinks is proper. That includes a disposition to love all of his creation by giving respect and dignity.

Just as God sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous he loves all of his creation without partiality. He expects his children to love one another, as we would have them love us. This calls for a disciplined mind that is willing to limit his and her actions for the good of the other person.

We soon learn that sin is an action of our evil desires that brings harm to your life and character and affects the people around you by the way you live.  If we were to consider the relation of sin to eternal life we would understand that sin is the source of corruption that would make Heaven no better than the world. Sin would cause the breakdown of the heavenly kingdom and bring it to ruin. For this reason God deals severely and permanently with sin.  God expects his children to live by a standard that will last as long as we live in eternity. The time to live as God wants starts today.

To live a spotless and acceptable life before God we must be able to distinguish good from evil and do the good works God has prepared for us in advance to do. Letís consider the following promise.

For the same reason God expects you to never stop doing good to your brothers and sisters in our eternal home. And since Jesus is Lord we need to start living his way now.

Those who have washed their robes made an effort to be spotless in Godís eye. It is not the effort to look immaculate before man but an effort to cleanse the heart to be holy as your father in heaven is holy.

What it means is that God is not impressed when you harbor sin in your heart because he knows thave renewed your mind that you will know Godís will and only then can good words come from your heart and out of your mouth.  God speaks to us through his word and Jesus said,

The effort that a person makes to purify his heart to make it spotless pleases God, but God is the only one who can cleanse us from the blemishes that scars your life.  He does this in such a way that he removes the guilt of sin from, which enables you to be at peace with God.


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