Spirit Versus Earthly Realm 

Much of what is known about the spirit realm has been greatly exaggerated through the wild tales of degraded minds within the movie industry.  The plots these stories are based upon have to be a tool Satan uses to deceive mankind into thinking that the spirit realm is a figment of manís imagination.

What makes the spirit realm real in the minds of men is that God talks about its reality in factual stories within his word. His word is known to be consistently true throughout the bible and any doubt of spirit realm existence has been totally erased. The spirit realm is a reality to the Christian knowing that God dwells and rules in both in earthly and spiritual realms.

Man has the knowledge and experience of the world, of which our body is a part of. At the same time, the part of man that rules the flesh and where every decision is made belongs to the spirit. However, with all the wisdom man can acquire about the realm he lives in, what he learns that itís only a foretaste of the Spirit realm. Still, knowing the truth about these realms is limited to the knowledge that comes through faith in God. This faith has a confident expectation that everything God said about the spirit realm is true down to the last letter.

Knowing the fact that our spirit occupies our body confirms the idea that man is both spirit and flesh. We also learn that when the body and spirit separates we are taken into the presence of an Almighty God within the spirit world. The bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. (2 Corinthians 5:8)  For the most part there is no return from the spirit realm unless by divine intervention, such as the resurrection of our bodies as seen in Lazarus and the resurrection of Jesus Christ the hope of glory.

Paul also wrote about the powers of the spirit realm. For the most part he spoke of the power of the kingdom of darkness but he also spoke of divine power that was able to demolish and completely destroy the weapons of the devil. Though Godís word we learn about the leaders in each kingdom through the personal profiles prepared so man can understand why the spoils of spiritual war is to possess manís soul. Jesus Christ is leading the eternal kingdom of light and Satan leads the kingdom of darkness that will be destroyed with the splendor of Christís coming.

The names of these kingdoms refer to the nature of its leader as Christ lives in the kingdom of light and equips you by revealing the truth. Satan on the other hand, keeps you in the shadows of darkness in order to deceive you to keep you from any knowledge that could save you from being eternally condemned. God sheds light on the truth so you can make an informed decision whereas Satan will lie and deceive you while keeping you in the dark. The bible says my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6.) The bible also says Satan is the prince of the air and because of this the world suppresses the truth.

To summarize the goals of these kingdoms, Christ is building a kingdom for his father based on truth and doing good deeds.  Satan is out to destroy Godís kingdom through deceit and wicked deeds without a concern for the victims he destroys to accomplish his goal.

Entering the kingdom of God is a choice but upon death our spirit enters the spirit realm and directed to the throne of God.  The preference of our final destiny is made by the choices we made in the earthly realm. The choice to obey God to love both God and one another determines your worthiness for his kingdom. Those who chose to live in difference to Godís laws will be sifted out and accompany Satan in hell, forever.

Within the realm God rules there are a set of absolutes that limit your actions to doing good to one another. Within Satanís realm there are no absolutes and anything goes as long as you benefit. However, God says not everything is beneficial for you. What he means by that statement is not everything that you desire is good for you or the people around you. Having an absolute character of holiness is good for God and his kingdom, as any system without absolutes will collapse. Godís system of absolutes demands self-discipline from each person to limit his actions to doing good through serving the needs of each other.

The earthly realm is much different from the spirit realm as God saw fit to equip man with eyes to see and ears to hear to perceive their environment. At the same time God made his existence known to man through the things he created. Then he sent his son into the world to redeem the lost and changed human history. In addition, God inspired man to record the life of his Son and has inspired the writing of many books that proclaim Jesus Christ and Godís plan of Salvation.

We may not be able to see into the spirit world but God has given every man a mental picture of heaven and hell.  Intuitively, we know Heaven is an ideal place to spend eternity and Hell is a place of eternal torture reserved for Satan his followers. The choice is obvious to some, but many lack the knowledge of Godís plans and fail to make the choice for life. Unfortunately those who neglected to choose life has unknowingly made a decision not to serve God. The decision not to serve God demands that you become a victim to one absolute of God to give you the desires of your heart. God will not force you to love or obey him, but honoring the desires of your heart to have nothing to do with - God will separate you from him forever.


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