Sows Versus Reaps

Jesus used many examples about the increase you could normally expect from sowing seed.  For example he spoke of a farmer who sowed his seed over his fields without concern of where the seed fell or the soil conditions.  In his parable he explained how the seed was received and the crop it produced. In some areas the seed produce very little and in other areas produce abundantly. Then he said he who has an ear let him hear.

Most of the people that heard Jesus telling this story farmed the land nearby. So they were in a position of knowing what Jesus was saying and could have easily said tell us something we didnít already know.  Although many understood how crops matured they did not grasp the spiritual principle of the parable. They understood what happened in their fields and were not spiritually minded enough to grasp the things of the spirit work in the same fashion. The fact is most of us would not have understood the spiritual principle if Jesus hadnít explained the parable in spiritual terms.

Jesus said the soil conditions spoke of the heart of men and that the seed was the word of God. As Christians we often fear that we will be rejected for the word we sow to unbelievers.  However, the farmer in this parable was not concerned about the soil conditions or where the seed fell and neither should we. Yet, Jesus told other parables using the seed principle in relation to the kingdom of God.

Being earthbound, we understand the reason for sowing seed in rows so when the seed sprouts we can cultivate its shoots. However, many of us are not concerned with the reasons why the seed sprouts and produce fruit. We have seen the process many times over our lifetime and expect a crop from sowing seed. Still, when it comes to sowing spiritual words we fail to trust in and stand on Godís promise.

Farmers depend on rainfall for their livelihood but they also know that God sends rain in its season. Watering the earth with rain from the heavens is Godís way of giving life to the seed and the fruit it produces.  Just as the rain from heaven produces a harvest from the seed, sowing the seed of Godís word only begins the process. God said his word will accomplish the purpose for which he sent it.  Letís consider that today Christians are the instruments used to sow the seed of Godís word. Our task is to sow the word and then wait on the Lord to send rain so the word will bud and flourish.

As a Christian and an ambassador of Christ, God has assigned us the task of taking his word into the world. Itís not a question of the heart condition or who will accept his word, but it is response to the great commission to go into the entire world to make disciples. We are to sow the word in season and out of season knowing that God can harvest his crops year around.  Your father in heaven causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. Whenever you sow the seed of Godís word, ask God to send his rain upon the seed you have sown.

When television evangelist gets into fund raising drives they use the law of sowing and reaping to attract contributors. I love the concept of receiving extra money personally but in most cases the law of sowing and reaping can easily lead to greed and giving for the wrong motives. The idea of giving money to the Lord should never done thinking God will give you much more than you gave. The motive for giving to the Lord is love, giving without expecting anything in return.

Paul also spoke of another seed that is crucial for our life in the kingdom of God. We donít think of our life as being a seed that will mature and be harvested when Christ returns for his elect. How and what we sow within our lives makes the difference in the selection God makes. We can corrupt our ways by living according to the pattern of the world and ignore God altogether. Or we can find out what pleases the Lord and make the effort to purify our lives from all sin so we are not found with spot or wrinkle. We could be like the world that has no room in their hearts for Godís word or we can place his word in our hearts and allow his word to overflow into the world.

For those who follow Christ, the words of God is the seed used for personal growth but even then we need rain from God so it will bud, flourish and mature in our lives producing the image of Christ.  Jesus said

In the beginning God sowed the seed of man as a living being in a garden called Eden. From the very first day until this day God has worked tirelessly to build a kingdom of kings and priests. Many of those seeds fell on bad soil and refused to respond to God and became corrupted with sin. The few that that landed on good soil responded to God and are bearing the fruit that God desires. The growth cycle is nearly over and the final day of harvest is approaching. At the end of this age Jesus will send his angels out to harvest the earth. Letís remember that some of the earthís fruit is corrupted with sin being filled with things that no one would want to keep or consume. The seed Christ sowed in the earth will bear much fruit and Christís angels will gather the fruit of his work and bring cream of the crop into his barn.  That which is not fit to be consumed will be gathered and thrown into an eternal fire where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


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