Son Versus Illegitimate Son

When the bible speaks of the son it is primarily speaking of the Son of God. This person, known as Jesus Christ was sent by his father to restore the relationship between man and God because man had been corrupted with sin. The life of Godís son changed human history and the lives of those who have followed Jesus Christ since his death on the cross. Having a relationship with Jesus changed their outlook on life.

Christians glory in the fact that Jesus Christ is the most honored and revered person who ever walked on the face of Earth. So much so that they have decided to imitate his life to become Christlike with a desire to attain to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. The life of Christ is an example of what one man can do and the influence that he had from being completely devoted to his father.

Although he preferred to be called the son of man he was person of the divine. God sent Jesus to represent his mercy and grace as the Lamb of God.  Jesus was not born by the choice of man but through a decision made of God. God chose a virgin named Mary and sent his angel to her to reveal his plan.  Being a loyal servant of God she said.

The power of God intervened, Jesus the son of man was conceived through the grace of God by what is known as an Immaculate Conception. This supernatural event made Jesus a direct descendent of God the Father when by human standards Jesus was thought to be the son of Joseph.  

Being a descendent of God the Father and born of woman gave Jesus Christ the unique stature of being both the Son of God and the son of man during his lifetime. In this capacity he served mankind by becoming the ransom price for the souls on man. His mission was to redeem every man who was held in slavery to Satan and the sin they had committed. Jesus Christ became the Lamb of God and with his blood shed on the cross he purchased men from every walk of life setting them free the slavery of sin.

His mission was not completely over when he died for the sins of man.  He was sinless so God would not abandon Jesus to the grave or allow his body to see decay. God raised Jesus on the third day to life and gave Jesus Christ authority to redeem as many who would believe in him.

Unlike the first covenant when many sacrifices were made for sin. Jesus offered his body and became the Lamb of God for the sins of mankind once for all.  Jesus tasted death, so that by the grace of God he might suffer death for everyone. We learn that the new covenant is based on grace for God desired mercy and acknowledgment of God rather than sacrifices. (Hosea 6:6) There is no more need for sacrifice and because he died once for man to bring many sons to glory.

Those who receive Jesus Christ as Lord also acknowledge God and by accepting Christ into their heart become Godís children. Becoming Godís children has responsibilities and the first is to accept the authority of God your father and your Lord and Savior.

Most of Godís sons and daughters have never undergone an adoption process to understand how it changes your life. There is a complete change of guidelines to live by, as his sons are to be holy in the same way our father is holy. Godís sons are expected to love their new father with their entire being and to obey him out of respect.

Our fathers disciplined us as they thought best; but God disciplines us for our good, that we may share in his holiness. (Hebrews 12:10) However, those God does not discipline are not his son for what right has anyone to punish a child that belongs to another father? No one likes to be disciplined, but has a purpose of correcting our ways so that in the days to come, it will be beneficial to our lives.   

The meaning of son is rendered from the Greek refers to the decendants of, child and most commonly son. This would include every daughter, as she also is a child descended from her father. As a descendent they are in line to inherit their fatherís possessions. As sons of God we will inherit the kingdom of God where there will be no more death, mourning, crying or pain. We will be removed from the corruption of the world and receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.     

The illegitimate son hopes he is worthy of entering into the eternal kingdom of God. However, this descendent of man did not seek God nor inquire of God to find how to please God. Instead he acted like a son of Satan who challenged Godís authority, did as he pleased and ignored the plan of salvation offered by God.


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