Singleness Versus Double Minded

Singleness of mind demands an devotion to God with a plan of action that supersedes all other plans and desires. To obtain a singleness of mind we must have a goal from life that is so important that you will go to great lengths to obtain it. For the most part people prefer to live according to a known truth and form some sort of agreement that everyone can live with.

A single minded approach described in the first paragraph fulfills Godís plan to be reconciled to his creation through the death of his son.  This plan is still in effect today since everyone has sinned and his or her sin has separated him or her from God. Man would be hopelessly lost if it were not for the mercy of God and because of sin that had separated man from God. Therefore, God devised a plan to restore his relationship with man through his who son died as a substitutionary death for our own.

There is only one way to be saved is through the name of Jesus Christ. To have Godís forgiveness, we must accept Jesus Christ as Lord and repent, which means that you have to stop committing the simplest act of sin that would separate you from God again.

Singleness of mind is the effort to devote all of your attention and energy for a common goal. For example, one can devote his or her entire life to obtaining riches or to gain knowledge. God has a single minded approach to life that he wants each of his children to live by. His plan is primarily focus on love.

You create a singleness of mind when you make the effort to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. This plan also calls for you to deny your personal needs to put Godís needs before your own.  For example, Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve others. He expressed this single-minded approach by submitting himself to do the will of God and demonstrated his love for sinners by dying for them.

This approach of loving God with singleness of mind demands that we love those God loves. Jesus separating the sheep from the goats best illustrates this concept.  

Whatever we do help lift the spirit of another person loves a person that God loves. Sharing the gospel with someone who doesnít want to hear it still shows love toward God as God does not want anyone to perish but to come to repentance.

Letís remember that everything God approves of and commands us to do have an absolute principle behind it. Obeying these absolutes of God develops a singleness of mind. God is building a kingdom of kings and priests that consist of a multitude that cannot be counted. Consider this, God has prepared good works for each of his children to do, but doing good works demands that you learn to think as God does.  God has a simple plan for our future.

God says he will rejoice in doing good to his children. God has prepared good works for his children to do and in heaven we can expect to serve one another by continually doing good to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Having this single approach in heaven will have a stabilizing effect and will make heaven safe and enjoyable place to live for an eternity.

There is another aspect of singleness that God lives by. Although God consists of more than one person they have become a unit of one. In the same way God created man in his own image, male and female he made man. God made Adam and Eve out of the same clay as a unit. He expected this concept to continue for Adamís son was to cling to his wife and then God said they would become one flesh. God was saying that he expected his church to become a unit in the same manner as God is one in Spirit. Marriage provides a foundation for man to experience the entirety of Godís absolutes in a relationship of a unit and live in one accord.

For those who become Godís children God expects them to  

God wants this singleness of mind to become our first nature by renewing our mind to agree with God and then live in one accord as a family of God.

Double-mindedness is an effort to serve God and mammon. Its walking the fence with one foot dabbling in Christianity and the other in the world. You are lukewarm as not to be able to distinguish whether you are more cold than hot. You cannot be both in Godís eye as he lives by a set of absolutes.

The word double-minded suggests that there are two trains of thought in opposition to each other. One train of thought is saying this and the other being on opposition. Itís the disagreement of a divided mind that starts a war within your mind which creates confusion. The war within your mind causes you to be hesitant and that can be costly when itís known that a split second of indecision can cost you your life.


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