Sincere Versus The Hypocrite

God is looking for those who are sincere so being sincere is a topic worth looking into. The following passage tells us that God is looking for the person, who is sincere,

When anyone is not sincere before the Lord they lose their influence and value as a person to God. I think we have all known people that have said one thing and done another. These people seem to know what to do but their life is a mess and their advice is untrustworthy because they donít do what they say.

For the most part, we want friends that are trustworthy and dependable, someone whose word is trustworthy and friends we can rely on. Sincerity is one of those qualities God wants to develop in each of his children. If only Christians lived their beliefs seven days a week they would have a greater impact in their community and the world around them.

Itís the hypocrite that ruins the Christian life for although they attend church habitually their life outside the church makes wonder if God is real. Some call this form of religion being two faced and a quality that is easily recognizable with God and men.  In speaking to the teachers of the law and Pharisees Jesus Said,

The Bible tells us that God is looking for worshippers that will worship him in spirit and in truth. Some call a sincere life that God wants is the way of holiness or living according to the spirit. The double-minded man is a person who is not sincere, he or she wants the benefits of being Godís child but lives in the same fashion the world does. The end result is that they become corrupt and constantly repenting for the same sins.

Sin allows you to alter your methods of solving problems for selfish reasons with whatever tends to benefits you the most. Sincerity demands an adherence to a moral plan that develops a soundness of character. For example, how sincere would God be if he were to lie to you?  

How can you be sincere with God unless you are honest with yourself? Have you examined your life to know if you are being honest with your self or seen sin and not repented? Self-denial is a stage where a person deceives himself by knowing something is wrong yet doing nothing to correct it. You can say you know the Lord but sin without remorse doesnít show sincerity. A sincere Christian knows he or she is a sinner saved by grace and they make every effort to live a holy life approved by their heavenly father. And if they sin, he or she makes the effort to make amends and restore his or her relationship with the person offended.

Are you the genuine article and are you truly a disciple of Christ? The quality of sincerity reveals evidence showing that you are real to God and other people.  Remembering what you have said and done is a method used by other people to determine whether you are real to them. A sincere person has words and actions that agree with each other. The same person ensures that their promises are kept so he or she can be trusted.  In the same way God makes the effort to make sure that his promises fulfill the purpose they were intended for.

In Johnís letters to the church he quoted God as saying you are neither hot nor cold. In other words God was saying that there was some doubt to the validity of your life in his eyes. God says you are one or the other and there is no living middle of the road life nor can a man serve two masters. Heís saying the validity of Christian life is a person who loves God with their entire being and offers proof of repentance within his actions by avoiding evil.

People are watching your life even when you are not aware of their presence.  One way to preach the gospel with sincerity is to live a life approved by God every minute of the day. You may not see the affect your life has on another person but living according to your beliefs has a known influence that God uses to transform the lives of other people.

A sincere Christian does not ignore the salvation of God or his gift of eternal life but considers both with reverence. Because God is sincere when he promised certain things, he also considers the repercussions from not keeping his promises. Fulfilling every promise makes his word real and true to the men and women who serve him. Being sincere requires taking your words and actions to heart because what you do and say reflect your moral character. God is not out to rule his people with strict guidelines, rather he is building a character in his child that everyone can respect. Those who recognize that God is sincere is more apt to take Godís word to heart and respond with the sincerity God wants them to have.

Christians that cross the line frequently and sin openly are recognized as a religious hypocrite and for the most part the world says who wants that? God will see the pretense of men and women because nothing man has said or done is hidden from God's sight. Every deed is open and in plain sight before the eyes of God to whom we must give an account. Your deeds will reveal the sincerity of the heart and worthiness to enter eternal life with the rest of Godís children.


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