Sight Versus Blindness

Sight is the God given ability to perceive with our eyes and ears. As human beings we are able to see objects and other things under normal conditions. However, if we were in a dark room we would not perceive enough to navigate the room without turning the lights on.  In other words sight is used in conjunction with light as we can only see objects or things that reflect light or things that light does not completely pass through unhindered.   

For the most part, human beings are creatures of the day when the sun lights up our part of the world. The most productive part of the day is after the sun rises in the east and before the sun sets in the western skies. So why do people gather on mountaintop to watch the sun rise or to watch the sun sink into the horizon? It has to be the spectacular array of light that they want to perceive and remember.

Our sight allows us to see our path while moving about the world and avoid stumbling or running smack dab into the traps of life. God has given us sight to perceive the things of this world and insight to perceive the things of the spiritual world.  Working together, light and sight are basic requirements that help us to understand perceived information that affecting our lives. What we perceive assists in the development of the decisions we make.

The combination of sight and hearing allows us to perceive raw information that is digested by our minds. Information is perceivable by the human mind but only to the extent of our knowledge of what we have seen or heard in past experiences. However to apprehend through our mental senses we must have a picture in our mind to understand. This concept is true when learning new information especially as a means to see and understand the cause and effect of things.

Today the amount of written information ranges from technical papers to comic books and includes just about any subject you can think of. There are some books that you can read but not understand. All too often not knowing the jargon used by the writer will hinder our ability to see and understand the purpose of the book.  Having a personal knowledge and experience in the field the author is writing about provides the light that allows you to grasp what the author has written.

There are thousands of books in the market place ready to be purchased and read. The best seller and the most read book in our century is the bible. Nearly every family in America has a copy, some are read and others collect dust. The Christian may have several versions of the bible for reference but he or she still reads the version they understand the best. Even the Christian who have read the same passage hundreds of times have said, I never saw that piece of information before.  

If you have never read the bible before it may be rather hard to understand and the true purpose of the bible can be easily overlooked. Still there are some that have read and re-read the Bible and were led by its truth that eventually changed their outlook on life. As the passage above states the Bible was meant to give sight by providing light for you to travel by on your way from this world to your home in heaven.

Why read it again, Iíve already read it and I didnít understand it then.  For the natural man the bible may interesting literature but somewhat confusing, so why read it again. People read the bible because they know that God rewards those who diligently seek him. In addition God chooses to adopt those who choose to serve him with their entire being. What makes the difference is that God opens his childrenís eyes to give them sight into spiritual truths.   For the spiritual man the bible is a light that is used to guide their path to the heavenly shores of eternity.

The problem of seeing into the spirit world is that our eyes were designed for the world we live in.   However, those who diligently seek God soon learn that we live by faith not by sight. The sight that comes from the spirit of God leads to depending on his promises as a means to survive the power of evil.  Faith gives us Spiritual sight and the trust to accept the wisdom of God to take us through the trials of life. (1 Corinthians 2:14)

As Christians we learn to lean on our heavenly father who gives his wisdom freely anytime we do not understand spiritual principles. Using our faith gives us experience to use godly principles which shed light on the path that takes us through the trial unscathed.

However there is another side to sight that we have not discussed as yet. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight (Hebrews 4:13).  God saw how corrupt the earth had become and decided to send a flood to destroy mankind, but he saved the family of a righteous man who built an ark. Zechariah and his wife were upright in the sight of God, observing all the Lord's commandments and regulations blamelessly (Luke 1:5-7) and God chose them as parents to the man who baptized Christ.  If God seen certain qualities in the lives of Zechariah and Noah, how are we seen in the eyes of God? (Hebrews 4:13) What God sees with his eyes is your heart for God does not look at manís outward appearance. God knows if you are faking a godly life or walking upright in his sight.

The bible tells us that without holiness no one shall see God. Jesus said, I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind (John 9:39). Its not the physically blind person that Jesus is speaking of. It is a person who has allowed sin to deliberately blind his eyes. They have neglected to make an attempt to understand the salvation of God and the nature of spiritual death. Their blindness makes them uncertain of their eternal destiny forcingthem to hope they are worthy in Godís sight.


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