Seeking God Versus Avoiding Him

The question ďwhy should we seek GodĒ when God has been around as long as man has been on Earth. There is a large number of people who think that they can get along without God and are asking that question. Seeking God is the furthest thing from the mind of those not interested in God because they have a car, food for the table, cable TV and a home to pay for. Besides, when the dayís work is over they are just too tired to do anything but to watch the mayhem on the tube. When you think about this self-indulging lifestyle there is no time left to seek God and your mind is too busy with the problems life affords to be able think of anything else.

Why seek a God that you cannot see? Have you looked at the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and considered the number of gallons of water that evaporates from them on a continual basis and yet the ocean never runs dry? Ask yourself why the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are salty the next time you put salt in the brine tank of your water conditioner. Everything was created with a purpose and was designed to last as long as man is on the earth. For example water evaporates from the ocean forming clouds, the wind carries the clouds over land where it forms rain and waters the earth. The excess rain finds its way to river that flow into larger bodies of water and eventually back to the Ocean. Where the water is cleaned in salt water as if the ocean were a water conditioner and the whole process starts over again. God has made his existence plainly known to all men and there are too many reasons to explain that God created everything with a purpose.

The world is in a continuous recycling process and anything that dies is replaced by something else. There is a purpose for everything and everything has a purpose. So why did God create man and what is Godís purpose for creating man? Unless man takes the time to seek God he will never know the purpose or plan God has for you?

God has a plan for you that are not harmful to your health, your family, or your prosperity.  Godís plan is to establish a personal relationship where mutual concerns are met, an exchange of favors that benefits the other and where each person may have dignity and honor. But that is not all he has promise.

Ask yourself who benefits the most from seeking God? Two reasons for seeking God is the personal relationship we have with God and having someone to love and be loved by. In this relationship there is a sense of security, a sense of belonging, and a feeling that you are needed that gives you a heighten sense of importance. Both you and God benefit as God wants to be loved by you and you want to be loved by God. If you only seek him with all your heart, God will become a friend that is closer than a brother.

Still there are other reasons for seeking God specially when taking the advice of worldly people will keep you in trouble. Even those who do not know God seek his help, specially when they are desperately in need and God is the only one that can solve the need.  Anyone can seek God out of selfish motives thinking that God is a sugar daddy or someone who will give the things that you are not willing to work for. But it also points out that God is a God of last resort and can be easily be misunderstood and mistreated.

Advice is cheap but the wisdom seeking God makes good sense. When anyone seeks advice, they look at the character and success a person has in their life. In seeking advice men have looked to God for his solid character knowing that he has always given sound advice that is worthy of trust.  They also know that God is all knowing and has been around long enough to have experienced just about every problem man faces. Because of the way he lives itís plain to see that he knows how to avoid the consequences from bad decisions.

Seeking God is the only way that you will know the promises that God has made to help you live in every circumstance of life. Man faces a majority of his or her problems from violating Godís morals and submitting to the evil desires of his heart. Our reliance on God and his promises become the only means to overcome the sin of this world to be able to live a life that God approves of.

 Men often seek God for his generosity and God is known for forgiving the sins of mankind as he is for being a God of love. So much so that God sent his son into the world to reconcile man to him. Those who seek God, believe in Jesus Christ and repent will not perish because of Godís gift of life.

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. Romans 3:23-24 and For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23

Every man that wants to live has a solid reason to seek God. However, those who spend their lifetime avoiding God for whatever reason will be subject to recompense. The people who avoid God are usually those who see no need for him. Those who avoid God do not realize that God loves even those who do not love him and because you have not shown a desire for him, he will demonstrate no a need for you. Mankind is given a lifetime to seek God who has given the choice to have life in abundance.  In eternity there are two destinations and both are a choice of your making.


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