Saved Versus Lost

In spiritual terms letís consider those who are lost have no hope of eternal life and who are found made an effort to know God and do what he asked to inherit the kingdom of God. God inspired men to write his plan of salvation down on parchment paper so every man would be without excuse. Christians are those who sought God and found him and those who had no interest in eternal life did not attempt to find God. The conclusion is this, God is not lost, but he is seeking the whosoevers of the world who are willing to listen to his plan of  Salvation.

The truth of the matter concerning being saved or lost has eternal consequences.  Those God saved have been reborn and put into his service. Those who did not seek God remain in slavery to sin, but God has a special place reserved for him and his slaves. They will remain in eternal torment forever and never realize what true life is all about.  

Therefore it is important to learn what being saved or being lost is when it involves a future life without end. We canít overly empathize the importance of being saved, as the saved are those who have been rescued from the kingdom of darkness and revitalized for Godís service. The lost are the slaves of Satan and do his bidding without realizing the true nature of their future.

One crucial problem men face is that everyone is in charge of their life but they attempt to extend their authority to other people.  Unfortunately they can shout out commands all day long only to find out that nobody will carry out their commands. While God gave man dominion over the earth, God did not give us the authority to rule over another person.

God invested man with the power to make decisions, the power to make and enforce laws and the knowledge of good and evil.  These endowments were given to us to govern our lives and make each man responsible to God for how they handled themselves. However in this system of authority we find that the decision made by men falls in two categories. One that favors the personal finances of the lawmakers and what fair right and just with everyone.

We also find the man is his worst enemy through decisions that favor his own needs over another person. These decisions are associated with selfishness, greed, saving of face and decisions that involves the need to deceive. The outcome is that man needs to be saved from himself because sin always involves another person who will be offended, emotionally hurt and is angered by what you do.

Man was given the power to choose, to make and enforce our standards with the knowledge of good and evil. However, these endowments are developed over time and for the most part itís not until your hair is gray and your body is nearly spent that you learn to combine these endowments effectively. More often your memory and past experiences save you.

Sin always involves another person who is offended, emotionally hurt and is angered by your actions. God was sorry that he created mankind because of their sin.

It is not too hard to understand why God hates sin and deals harshly with the cause of sin and the sin itself.  God has made himself known to man and he created mankind with a purpose of building an eternal kingdom of kings and priests. Although Man is aware that God created him, they are unwilling to make an effort to find Godís purpose for their life. It is this lack of knowledge and the neglect of mankind to seek God and to discover Godís plans for man that prevents his salvation. These are the basic reasons why sinners will perish.  

 Mankind knows that the devil exists but what they donít know is that he caused them to sin against God. In fact the bible says that all men have sinned (Romans 3:23) and again,

Because of sin Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden to keep them from the tree of life so they would not live forever. In the same manner all sinners have been separated from God declared guilty of sin and sentenced to die. Eternal life is a long time to be confined in the lake of fire. The good news is that God does not anyone to perish but they will if they donít make the right choices.  

Salvation is Godís plan is relatively simple. Those who are saved enter the kingdom of God and recognize the authority of God to rule his kingdom. Those who lack the knowledge of Godís plan of salvation or refuse to accept Godís terms will be cast into outer darkness and eternal torment. Ultimately Godís plan of salvation saves you from the wrath of God through the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary.

The plan of salvation demands that you recognize a need and acceptance of the shed blood of Jesus Christ as atonement for your sin. This plan also demands a statement of faith that Jesus Christ is Lord followed by repentance and a turnabout in your life reflecting obedience to God. In addition, Salvation includes a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

While we spoke of being in charge of our own life, understand that the plan of salvation allows you to serve God of your free will. Eternal life is a choice that you and only you can make. This choice is rewarded by the gift of life, which God is pleased to give you. Being saved is the outcome of a changed life by seeking God and following his step by step plan of salvation.

Like we said God has given every man to right to make his own decisions and choose our destiny.  However, without being covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, man is hopelessly lost, for without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of sins.


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