Saints Versus Ungodly

There are not too many Christians that think of themselves as Saints of God. One reason is that no one seems to empathize what Christians are in Christ. Secondly, Christians do not understand that they are saints because the word saint is rarely used in the church. Although Christians feel and act like a saint they donít understand the word saint speaks of Godís holy ones.  However, being a saint is not about how you feel but what God says you are. Finally, Godís word uses the word Saint sixty-nine times to describe those who belong to God.

According to Daniel, after the court of God had convened, and pronounced judgment in favor of the Saints, then-   

Among those called Saints are Godís children, his chosen people, the body of Christ, the sheep of his pasture, the elect, and those he has declared Holy. And like Jesus Christ, every one of these named groups is called his holy ones. Saints simply refers to person in a personal relationship with God to whom they belong, serve and obey.

Those God have declared holy are responsible to him for their actions as he is guiding their lives. He demands that his children be holy just as he is Holy. This requires that everyone who calls upon the name of Jesus Christ turn from an unruly life to shun evil and do good to his or her neighbor. In others words if you want to remain a saint then you must act saintly.  

Being a saint demands a reverence for God and becomes a person who considers his or her relationship with God sacred. This means you must resemble your mind and restrict your life so that you behave in a godly manner.

The first step in resembling a saint is to recognize that you are a child of God and a member of his household. You may want to consider that God is the highest authority in the kingdom of God and being his child you are members of the royal family. As members of the royal family you will receive special tutoring to act in a manner befitting of God because you represent him and the royal family.  Each of Godís children has been set apart by God, consecrated to become a leader among the ranks in the kingdom of God. This may sound incredible, but the bible tells us that we will reign with Christ for a thousand years. Here on earth each of us has a ministry of reconciliation to spread the gospel to the entire world.

Adopting the graces of royalty is similar to the graces of God holiness of which he wants his children to develop as they mature.  Foremost the grace of love, which is a lifetime commitment to love one another as you love yourself. The grace to forgive the sins committed against you by other persons. The grace of generosity to those in need with what you have. The grace to live by the truth demonstrated in every spoken word and action taken. The grace of keeping your word by honoring the commitments you have made. The grace of kindness knowing that everyone undergoes the same trials that you have went through. The grace of self-control to keep your temper ruled. This grace requires that you deny yourself and serve the needs of the kingdom. The leader in any position of authority serves his followers just as the employer plans for and provides work for his employees.  

The leader in Godís kingdom grants the compassion and mercy of God to his subjects without partiality. Sister Teresa was an example of Godís grace of compassion and mercy. She was a Saint that saw a needy people and served God by meeting the needs of the poor in India. When She died, she was honored like royalty with a state funeral in a land that serves a foreign god.

Being saintly requires that we take on the nature of God as he has commanded man.   

John spoke of Christís coming and eternal life saying everyone who has this hope in Christ purifies himself, just as he is pure (1 John 3:3). Jesus Christ was sinless and for this reason we are to make every effort to be found blameless in Godís sight and be at peace with God. In everything we do we must serve faithfully with all of our heart, our soul, our mind in fullness of strength and skills that God gives us.

God would be unjust if he did not endow us with the ability to obey his commands. We do not have a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power, love with self-discipline. (2 timothy 1:7) In addition God gave us his word as instructions.

Therefore as saints of God we must consider that everything we do also represents our heavenly father.  We may want to act in a godly manner, but it seems as if every time we want to do a good deed for the Lord four hundred excuses pop into our minds in the attempt to make us a prisoner of sin again. Letís face the music, Satan is busy inciting us to do nothing. We cannot be hearers of the word alone but become doers of the word. We also need to go in the strength God gives us, but at the same time we need the help of the Lord to empower us. Ask God for his help when we seem to be powerless, if we work with God we will find ourselves naturally doing his will.

However, the majority of decent but worldly people donít even try to live a godly life. For the most part they cannot connect the love of God with the need for a personal relationship with God. The outcome is that they do not seek God or attempt to determine how to please God enough to give them eternal life. When no effort is made to become holy, as God is holy they will be considered unworthy of eternal life.


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