Righteousness Versus Unrighteousness  

The Christian is never righteous in his own power because the only righteousness a Christian has is through faith in Christ. Abraham was credited as righteous because he believed God. Phinehas acted with great zeal against those worshipping the Baal of Peor. His act of obedience ended the plague facing the Israelites and that act was credited to him as righteousness.

The list of righteous men is almost endless in the bible, but you too can acquire the state of righteousness with God. The bible tells us that it is impossible to please God without faith. Those who pursue a right standing with God must believe that he is a living being, supreme in nature and capable of rewarding those who worship him.

However, righteousness can never be established by your own merits. No one is righteous in the eyes of another person unless that he or she agrees that your actions are proper with them. In other words, to have right standing with anyone, your righteousness depends on what other people consider correct. Therefore, how can man be righteous before a Holy God unless God approves of your conduct?

Righteousness is a quality that must be pursued just as men desire the things of this life. Jesus said why worry about where the next meal comes from and how you will clothe your body. He went on to say ďOh you of little faith, God knows that you need these things. Seek the righteousness of God and your needs will be met.

Righteousness is given to you by God and established through faith. Paul tells us that by Godís grace everyone was given a measure of faith. He also instructed us to seriously consider our relationship with God and to use the faith given to us in harmony with our ministry gifts (Romans12:4-6). Matthew 6:33) tells us the way to obtain righteousness from God is through faith and obedience.

Those who believe God exist also understand that God will reward them according to their deeds. In their pursuit of God they learn of deeds that God approves of and has prepared for his children to do. God revealed his will in this fashion, Do to others as you would have them do to you (Luke 6:31).

Everyone knows how he or she wants to be treated, but they donít always consider how their plans affect the people around them. Most people would not harm another person deliberately, as no one is perfect. When you pursue God you will learn that God has a plan for you so you can treat other people as you would have them treat you.  

Righteousness is a moral principle defined by Godís law, but only those who believe and act according to the law will be declared righteous (Romans 2:13). Therefore, it is worthwhile endeavor to understand the law of God to conform to the righteousness of God.  The golden rule is a principle that forces us to consider that our deeds affect the lives of other people.  

When considered properly Godís golden rule establishes a need for appropriate behavior. The golden rule is a simple statement that can be a rule of thumb that defines the nature of Godís morals.  Morals define the behavior of men concerning what is right just and fair.  When combined with our faith in God we develop an unchanging or absolute standard of proper conduct provided through the wisdom and experience of God. How we handle our lives in regard to practical matters must exercise good judgment and common sense to achieve our purpose and not harm or hinder another personís life.

Our right standing with other people is affected by the way we treat our friends, relatives and loved ones. The need for Godís righteousness demands that we develop a prudent plan to avoid any evil that causes pain and suffering.  

Those who is righteous in Godís sight prosper as righteousness promotes peace and harmony between people. The children of God are blameless and upright before God as they live by faith and shun evil through their obedience to God.  They stand out among men and are recognized because they are different from the people of the world. In addition their faith in Jesus Christ gives them confidence that if they were to die at that moment they would be with Jesus in glory.

On the other hand, the unrighteous do not have faith in Jesus Christ or realize what Jesus Christ did for them at Calvary. The refuse to serve the person that gave his life to redeem his life and save him from the coming wrath of God. The unrighteous do not understand the sense of justice involved with doing harm to others. While they see other people sin and appear to be unscathed they do nothing to be the solution.

The unrighteous have behavioral standards of their own and conveniently violate them for their own needs. Their lack of morals makes their ways unstable where even the people that know them are certain about their nature. The deeds of the unrighteous are hostile towards the people God loves and produces a hostile reaction from those affected by evil. When it is all said and done God is looking for men and women that will agree with his thinking and the kingdom he is building.


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