Right Versus Wrong

Right relates to a direction and position a man takes to live properly. When one thinks of his right hand he always looks to the same side regardless of the direction he is facing. Yet being right is a condition that every man woman and child thinks he has. Still Jesus Christ is always seen on the right hand of God as if it was his rightful place.

Being on the right side pertains to taking a position that agrees with those in authority. Being right in the eyes of men is the moral behavior considered proper the eyes of the majority. In the area of knowledge those who have the correct facts are right. Over all, to be right you have a corresponding action with something known to be proper, factual and true. Yet you can be right in your eyes and be wrong in Godís eyes.

The first time the word right is used in the Bible explains the importance of being right with God. God said,

Acceptance appears to be the main thrust as doing right what God considers to be proper. God goes on to say that each of us must be the master of our actions by doing what is right to avoid the sin that is desires to have you.   The same picture is given by Paul when he says he beat his body to make it a slave of righteousness so he would not be disqualified for the prize (1 Corinthians 9:27).

Being right is a condition of agreeable behavior in relationships as it has an appropriate action that is acceptable with those concerned. In any relationship man his actions must be agreeable with fact, truth, the law and  personal sense of justice. These are absolutes or qualities affect how everyone controls his decisions and behavior.  Proper behavior affects your stand with the law, your relations with other people and the respect you receive from your fellow man. At the same time their behavior affects you feel about them.

How can man be right in Godís eye unless he knows what is right and wrong with God?  A prudent man accepts that the earth was created and the creator of the earth will judge his creation. We must consider what men do to their creations when they donít function the way they were designed to work. The bible tells us that God created us in Christ Jesus to do good works. (Ephesians 2:10) if man destroys the things he created because they donít work as desired, than what can we expect of God? Will God not accept you if you do what is right?  (Genesis 4:7)

The only thing right about an argument is that there is no agreement. Without some sort of agreement between two people there can be no relationship. That relationship cannot continue when the differences are irreconcilable. For example.

The sinful mind is hostile to God because he does not submit to his law.   The mind controlled by the Spirit is right with God and has a close or intimate relationship. The Spirit of God leads those who have agreed to walk with God. (Romans 8:14, Amos 3:3) The agreement with God (Jesus Is Lord) is the bonding agent that connects your relationship with God.

Although men strive to be right, being right can be a fault when you insist that you are the only one right. Defending what is right doesnít do much good when your righteousness only quarrels over words.

Christians take pride in knowing Godís word, but they are notorious for following men. A few Christians know the doctrines of the church better than they know word of God. They listen and repeat what men say rather than attempting to understand the word of God. Unfortunately everyone who expounds on the word of God does not handle it right.  

No one including God wants to tell children that he didnít promise anything like some that are supposed to be the gospel truth. No one likes being misquoted and seldom do they honor promises that they did not make. No one likes to be deceived into relying on a false premise. Paul wrote about this issue saying that it was our spiritual act of worship and we were to no longer conform to the world. Through renewing of your mind by absorbing Godís word you will be able to test and prove what Godís will is (Romans 12:1-2). When you know God word, you will know the appropriate action to be right with God. The knowledge of being right with God will give you a confidence and the favor of God on Judgment day.

However, those deceived will be found in a erring condition in Godís eyes. Contrary to what people think God did not promise that he would allow anyone to enter heaven for being a good person. You can stand and knock on the door but if the person on the inside doesnít know you the likelihood of entering his home is not good. Donít let the first time you meet God be on Judgment day for it will be at the Great White Throne. It may be the first and last time that you will come to an agreement with God.

In this world we have the choice to accept Jesus Christ as Lord, but on Judgment day, every knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.  Those names that are not written down in the Lambs book of life will be judged according to what they have done by Godís standards. Have y


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