Respect Versus Contempt 

Everyone shows a form of respect towards people that they encounter every day. Respect for other people is usually based on how they treat you so that respect those who respect you while you tolerate those that donít.  Perhaps the best way to explain how man shows his respect for others is seen in the following verse.

We have the ability to honor our Lord and father with the words of our mouth and use the same mouth to curse his creation. There appears to be a contradiction in the way we love God with all our being and show disdain towards his handiwork. How can we honor God and not respect his achievements? Respect demonstrates feelings of regard that gives honor showing esteem.

The thoughts of our mind are frequently not in agreement with the words of our mouth. By choice we are more apt to say what the other person wants to hear rather than expose our true feelings to their face.  We as men express our feelings for other people in different ways such as praise and cursing. What we may not know or consider is that our body language openly demonstrates a respect with gestures contrary to the words of our mouth..

Respect for other people does not come automatically because all of mankind is in the same boat but face different kinds of trials that affect their life. Respect is emotional feeling affecting relational issues between you and another person. Regardless of how one defines respect, respect begins with the way God treats mankind and how God demonstrates his regard for mankind. He has chosen to demonstrate love and respect for mankind by sending his son to die for the sins of whosoever would believe in him.   

Godís respect for man is not partial as man would not continue to exist if it were not for the sun and rain. When God created the earth he created a universal condition for every living creature on earth. Sunshine and rain falls from heaven to the earth and it does not consider where you live, who you are or what you have done. Yet every man benefits from the sun and the rain. God wants you to develop respect for others that does not consider where they live, who they are or what they have done.  Ultimately, God demonstrates his love and respect for his creation by sending the sun and rain to meet the needs of the entire world.

To God, life has a sacredness that demands respect. Sacredness for life begins with our relationship towards God and then reflected towards our family, friends and to everyone that God loves. It is written that God so loved the world that he sent his only son so no one would perish. He did not exclude anyone from the gift of eternal life nor should we by the example given to us by our creator fail to respect anyone.

God created a condition that each one of us faces in the family structure. We all had a father who held the authority as head of the household. We obeyed him because executed his power to nurture us through discipline. We may not like the discipline, but we learned to respect our fatherís wishes and later in life would learn his discipline was in our best interest.

Respect has to go beyond the authority of our father because the main reason for relationships to fail is lacking respect for the rights of other people.  Discipline is needed when your child fights with a friend for playing with his toys.  Sharing what they have been blessed with nourishes respect for other people. We need to recognize that other people have authority and an ego that needs to be recognized and honored.

Honoring another person above yourself is a command of our father to consider everyone else as worthy of respect and behave accordingly. It demands that you personally conduct your life in a dignified manner and demands that you have the integrity to respect other people. Living by the golden rule demands that you consider how your actions affect the lives of other people.  

Respect is something you have to give to receive the respect from your fellow man.  The world relies on the first impression to gain some respect in their business dealings. God puts his faith in your behavior and how you reveal your true feelings towards everyone. In other words your behavior can be either godly or devilish and be positive or negative in the way you act. Your deeds will be laid open before God because your behavior reveals the way you think and the way you expose your feelings toward the other person.

Contempt is seldom directed at the person, but condemns the behavior of people. It is what they do that bothers you the most, and drives you up the wall wondering how they could be so inconsiderate.  Unfortunately, when confronted with their behavior both men and women take criticism personally. They turn defensive to defend their actions for doing the right thing.  

The person who respects his person above others thinks too highly of himself is more apt to be proud, arrogant and haughty. The excessively proud person has developed a majesty that demands the need to be worshipped by his fellow human being. He knows everything but demonstrates his intelligence by what he does and expects from other people. He makes unwarranted claims and is never responsible for what happened. What makes him contemptuous to God is his ignorance and open defiance to God and his laws. He has elevated his own stature above that of God without understanding that God will have the last word .


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