Repent Versus Sinning

Repenting has deeds corresponding to a change of mind and the way the sinner turns away from his former life of sin. Repentance begins with recognizing sin as open rebellion to God and the desire of the heart to live by and agree to the principles of God. Confessing our sin is the first step on entering the path of salvation.

It is a command of God to turn from the wicked deeds of our past to love the God that created them?  Sin is disobedience to Godís commands and every deed is an outcome of a thought coming from your brain. Therefore, repenting begins with the renewing the mind changing the way it thinks. The mind works from the memories and experiences of the past. Repenting is an action taken after one recognizes what has been done has caused harm to another person. Repenting is a change of heart and the decision to live a life God approves of. In other words repenting is turning away from anything that causes or is sin.

In the work place change is called innovation but it is a method of introducing something new, mostly done to increase production and lower production cost. In Christian life repenting is a change of heart to avoid sin but it also recognizes the existence of God and Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. Repenting takes place when a anyone recognizes that he has sinned against God and needs to make changes to have right standing with God.  

Those in the world are accustomed to evil and are not willing to do anything more than complain about sin will continues to sin. However, those who follow Jesus are compelled by a holy God to look at evil as being deeds he both disapproves of and hates. When we obey God we not only demonstrate our love for God, but we also show the need for change and are willing to do what is right in our future.

An undisciplined mind allows sin because it does not restrict actions to produce a good outcome. Repenting demands the recognition of what evil does and is determined to take appropriate action to avoid sin.  It demands knowledge of what sin is, what it produces and how it affects not only my life but those around me. This knowledge helps me to develop a strategy and a plan to avoid evil no matter the situation that comes up.

People complain about the evil things that are done in the world, but complaining does nothing to prevent sin from happening again. Therefore, a personal decision must be designed using different methods to harm no one. Repenting of our sins, recognizing Jesus as Lord translates us into Godís kingdom where everyone lives by the laws of God. Life in his kingdom is reduced to two laws.

Obeying these laws require a change of heart, and the need turn away from wickedness. (2 Timothy 2:19) Again those who repent must take words of his testimony to heart because the time is near. (Revelation 1:3) God is serious in this matter for if one person in his kingdom has evil thoughts he will have a divided kingdom that will fall.

 Repenting is a not an instantaneous happening, but a process that continues throughout Christian life. Repenting is not easy because it involves a change of heart and habits, the most difficult sins to repent of demand that we ask God for help o overcome sin.  

The word of God instructs men in ways to correct the outcome of sin as well as what we can do to please God. Those who confess the name of the Lord show their love for God by obeying his commands and turn away from the evil things God calls wickedness. Repenting is not complete until you do what is right in the eyes of God.

Those who see no need for God are haughty arrogant and full of pride. God is not impressed being filled with pride of sin does not mean that you are worthy of Godís goodness. Job posed a question to his friends saying,

Sinners forget that God is capable of thinking, as he so desires. The world has different standard than God does but Heaven is ruled by Godís standards. Those who continue to sin are like leopards that cannot change their spots. They will continue to sin up to the day the kingdom of the world becomes the kingdom of God. On that day those who continue to sin will be treated as weeds.

Because God is an eternal being, he will always be the absolute ruler of the universe. Repenting is more than acknowledging that God rules the known universe, but also recognizing that you are a part of the universe he created.  Itís to your advantage to recognize that you are a part of the universe God created and are willing to allow God to rule your life.  On the other hand, those who refuse to accept God as ruler of their life has also rejected a place in his kingdom that is known as Heaven.

Anyone knows that God rules the universe for he has made himself known and understood by his creation. (Romans 1:19-20) For this reason no one has an excuse. Therefore failing to discern God is foolishness. With that frame of mind it is difficult to detect the wrongs of evil when the consequences for the wrong go unpunished. Rather than repent man has chosen to cover their evil deeds with other sins. Woe to the man who compounds his sin with other sin and thinks God will approve of his life.


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