Rejoice Versus Sadness   

To most people one day seems just like another.  Although one day can lead to another you can become so accustomed to a routine of life where you fail to recognize what God has done to make every day great. The Christian is reminded that this is the day the Lord has made, it is a day to rejoice and be glad.  Everyday life has a tendency to be alike and fail to understand that God is actively seeking a deeper relationship with them.

Christians should be rejoicing because they have been blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus. Perhaps we have forgotten that our sins have been forgiven and our names are written in the Lambís book of Life. Therefore, we have every reason to expect living in our fatherís eternal home.

For some people it is mandatory to count our blessings to see what the Lord has done for us to rejoice.  Living in a corrupt world may be the biggest culprit preventing us from recounting what the Lord Our God has done for us in regards to expressing our feelings with emotion. Itís not that we cannot express our feelings, but for some it may seem like we are expressing those emotions in a deceptive manner. That is to say words that express feelings that are not truly from our heart. For example have you seen anyone rejoicing act like a calf released from the stall? (Malachi 4:2-3)

Letís consider that the calf jumps up and down and shows its emotions at the time of his release not three hours later after he has become accustomed to his freedom.  Rejoicing is not always done in front of other people but spontaneously. Shouldnít we be releasing our emotions of happiness at the moment when we have been exited by what God has done? Rejoicing is expressing our delight and demonstrates to God how we feel. In other words, rejoicing in the Lord doesnít mean that we have to openly demonstrate our feelings before men. However, rejoicing before man shows other men and women what God is capable of doing for them.

Rejoicing can be an excitable experience like the calf romping in the pasture, but the emotion of the calf doesnít care who sees him having a good time. While romping he is excited that he is to be free and able to release his delight. On the other hand every creature that saw the calf leaping about produced an enjoyable experience for those who saw the calf excited.

Everyone releases his or her emotions in a different manner and like the calf will become emotional at the time of their joy. There is a time to express your joy, as did the father of the prodigal son when he returned home. There is also a time to celebrate or to observe a special event in your life.  We solemnize religious ceremonies such as communion to honor the work of Jesus Christ on the cross with dignity and celebrate birthdays, and wedding anniversaries with gaiety

Rejoicing in the Lord can be done in public when paying tribute by praising God in song, public reading of scriptures and through personal testimony. These methods exalt God in word by lifting him up and to recognizing what he has done for you.

Another way to rejoice in the Lord is to delight in his word. Learning a new truth gives those who delight in Godís word inexpressible joy, the kind of joy that you canít wait to tell another person. This gives you the opportunity to spread the good news.

Making others rejoice in your happiness is a good reason for rejoicing. Your happiness is contagious as others can share your happiness by saluting good behavior, achievement and bravery. The few people who have integrity always have a good reason to rejoice. However in Christianity, we must remember a crucified Jesus Christ who on the cross died so that whoever would accept and believe on him. Because of this, Christians should rejoice in the fact that Jesus rescued us from the coming wrath of God.

The day will come when we will not be able to contain our happiness and we will leap about the streets of gold like a calf released from the stall. The calf in the stall has pent up energy needing to be released, as does the Christian waiting for the Day of the Lord. We look forward to that day and think that heaven will be happier than our wildest expectations.  It may take ages to express our happiness to God.

Perhaps we forgot God and how he and his angels express their happiness with the salvation of one soul. God also rejoiced in his son whom he was well pleased.  Rejoicing takes place at festivities, but it may be hard to see God singing and dancing at the wedding supper of the bride.

When your team scores donít you rejoice?  Will God rejoice when you cross the finish line and win the prize of life? Will God be weeping as he sends those who refused to repent into outer darkness? After doing all that could be done to ensure that mankind could enter the gates of his eternal home, why are so many deceived? Why did so many turn their backs on God and why did so many refuse to make him Lord?  Yet, when God looks at those who chose life and made him Lord, that sight will change his gloom to happiness and give him the opportunity to rejoice with his children.       


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