Receiving By Faith

The trust factor is important when it comes to God and your faith. It seems as if our priorities are out of alignment as to whom we trust more. From experience I know the cure recommended by the doctors is not complete every time and may be designed to establish you as a regular patient. On the other hand when God heals the cure is complete.

The prayer requests heard at Church tend to prove that Christians want good tests results and the guiding hand of God on the surgeon. So why do Christians prefer the medical profession for healing? My belief my fellow Christians trust more in the medical cures as they can see the results with their eyes.

Godís children must learn how to please God for there are rewards when we please our Father in heaven. When we wanted things in this life we made every effort to please our parents and when we pleased them we got our ice cream cones and the toys we wanted. The same is true with our heavenly father and he is not asking for much but to love him and obey him.

We cannot see God with our eyes because he exists in the spirit realm, therefore he asks us to believe, have faith and learn to trust him.  Believing and establishing faith is not difficult to do when you look at the characters of faith in the Bible.  God is looking for the person who is certain of what God is capable of doing and relies on him totaly to overcome the trials of life. When you look at the double minded person you see someone attempts to live by faith but finds his means of overcoming the world is captive to his sight.

What I mean is that when we ask to be healed we look to see if we were healed by God and then go to the doctor. What we may not understand is that God does not operate his kingdom the way sinful man does. The average person on earth lives by his senses (such as sight) for that is the way man was designed to function in the world. God lives by faith so that no man may boast. When you ask God to heal, expect the answer and rely on his word to be honored.

God wants us to think as he does so we may know him and through knowing him learn to trust him. We have this promise from God his word will accomplish the thing it was sent to do. Abraham said he was.

Abraham said God had power to do what he had promised and Joshua said every promise has been fulfilled.  Today we have several promises from our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ to rely upon but may not be fully persuaded that all things can be done through Jesus Christ who strengthens us.  God hasnít changed, his word is true today.

Many Christians know the promises of God and that God answers prayer.  Receiving the promise of God depends on our faith and in most instances we only use our faith to ask.  The belief that we have received the answer is shown in how we respond to our prayer.

Christians cannot fathom that God has the answer to their prayer in his hand ready to give it to them.  Christians are looking for the answer in the physical realm when they should be looking to God and the reliability of his promises.  If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer (Matthew 21:22.)

Make a committed choice to believe Godís word or in other words take a stand based on the fact that God honors his word. Jesus said you may ask anything in his name and he will do it.  Responding to the verse above tells you what to do, take a stand that Jesus will honor his word. Give God the glory for honoring his word.

A committed choice to believe Godís word is shown in how we respond to prayer.  Christ has committed himself to doing anything you ask in his name. Do we believe him enough to say thank you without ever seeing the answer to our prayer?  Have we honored God by telling the world God has answered our prayers?

Chapter eleven of Hebrews is sometimes called the hall of faith because it honors those who have gone before us. It reveals the faith of these men who through faith overcame the trials of life.

Our faith in God should never rest on what we can see or touch with our physical being. The things affecting our body or the things we see and can touch are the reasons we ask God to change the conditions affecting us. When God heals, he changes the conditions affect our physical body.  Therefore, our faith is in the name and character of Jesus Christ and his promises.  Jesus said.  

Who hopes for what he already has? Like the patriots of faith we must learn to receive the answers to our prayers without ever seeing them. While we develop a relationship with God we gather the knowledge that he is faith full to his word and exceeds our prayer requests. Thanking God for what he has done before any changes are made to your person honors God by making your trust in him known.  Remember that Jesus will do what you ask in his name to bring glory to the father. All you have to do is submit to God and take your stand on his promises.     


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