Pure Versus Blemished

When we speak of things that are pure, we are referring to the consistently throughout the complete substance. We know that the smallest amount of foreign objects can alter the consistency of the entire item. In the long run the degree of foreign material affects the value of the product and the price we can derive from it.

Salt for example has several grades sold in the market place depending on its cleanliness and use. Some salt is washed while other salt is kiln dried, salt comes in coarse and fine grains and some grades of table salt add iodine while another removes the sodium. The color of rock salt is darker than table salt due to the impurities and determines is grade and use. For the most part the darker grade of salt is not used for human consumption. Instead it is thrown on the ground to melt the snow and ice. On the other hand, the cleanest and finest grade of salt is used to flavor the foods that men eat. Therefore the purity of salt determines what it is used for.

When you consider salt you will remember that Jesus said you are the salt of the earth.

Salt will remain salt as long as it is not polluted or corrupted with other substances. Just as salt alters the taste of food, food pollutes the saltiness of salt. By saying you are the salt of the earth Jesus said your life was to preserve and flavor a godly life so the world could accept God. However, the world can corrupt the saltiness of your life in ways that it becomes useless to God. Like the branches pruned from your vine is thrown into the fire. Like a tiny blemish found in a diamond is a tiny spark to a forest.

Out in the western parts of America there are thousands of acres of trees burnt to the ground each year and in the midst the remains of homes that people once lived in. It only took a small spark to set these forests on fire, but look at the damage that small spark did. James said,

Your tongue is a small spark ready to salt whatever it comes into contact with. Salt has different uses and any fire can burn a forest down but what destroys the heart is sin.  The trials we go through with Jesus will burn the trash of the heart away. As Paul said we have to fan into flame the fire of the Spirit to remove any unwanted sin within our hearts with repentance.

Have you ever seen an automobile in a showroom that was not washed and polished? In the same way, the things that degrade its desirability to God mark the purity of manís heart. Therefore letís consider that around Godís throne is a sea of mankind liken to a crystal sea. Like clear glass without defect. These men and women made an all-out effort to cleanse themselves of the things that ruin their value as human beings to establish a right standing with God. And although they were in the world they were not of the world.

There is another form of purity spoken about in the letters to the church where he says you are neither hot nor cold.

The question derived from this statement should be what is causing you to be lukewarm? We can add hot water to cold water and add cold water to hot water to obtain a lukewarm condition. Itís not a question if we have more hot water than cold or colder water than hot. It is that we are a blend of the two and it is not clear which side of the fence are we on.  

A part of the Passover ceremony was the spring cleaning of the house to remove the leaven found in the home. Leaven was tied to corruption and how that leaven worked its way through the whole batch of dough. Today man is faced with the evil desires of the world that corrupts his moral stature with God. The deceitfulness of this worldís wealth has its hand at your throat choking everything of value from you. Along with the worries of the world its hands give you a desire to compromise your values.  Jesus said that he overcame the world, and that we must purify our lives from all sin.  The practical application to taking Communion is to clean your house of the sin that is corrupting your spiritual life.

Sin contaminates the vessel purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore it is a full-time job to live a life with right standing with God. Unlike Pilate we cannot wash our hands of the guilt of sin and become innocent before God. Nothing can pay the penalty for our sin or wash away our sins to obtain Godís forgiveness if it was not for the applied blood of Jesus Christ.


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