Principled Versus Unscrupulous

In science everything functions in a prescribed pattern due to its qualities and reacts to outside influences in a prescribed manner. Men of science examine the cause and effect of everything imaginable to learn what happens when a foreign substance is introduced to a known element. The idea is to learn why a specific reaction occurs and if that cause can be controlled. The purpose of these experiments is to understand the basic principles of cause and effect and to learn the laws that control the reaction.

A principle is the basic law of truth regarding behavior. Everything God created has a goal to accomplish and functions in a precise manner to achieve its purpose. When men become aware of how the world functions they can use known principles to achieve a beneficial outcome from their effort.

Men have learned the basic principle that the earth revolves around the sun and has designed mechanical devices that measure time precisely. This knowledge enables trained weathermen to predict the next sunrise anywhere on the earth. However, predicting the next sunrise would be impossible for man without absolute principles established by God in the creation of the heavens and the earth.

The entirety of absolute principles embedded into the creation has two purposes. The primary purpose is to glorify God and the second to support the life of the most prized part of creation - mankind. Still a principle is the basic law of truth regarding behavior and Christians know from experience that God demands the principles of moral behavior.

Isaac Newton coined a physical law that said ďTo every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.Ē This law applies to everyday things in our physical environment.  However physical laws are not always the same as spiritual laws. Sometimes the reaction to broken spiritual laws is not always equal but greater. For example when your physical possessions are taken, you are not always satisfied with putting the perpetrator in jail. The natural reaction is to seriously hurt that person by ringing his neck.

The law of science states to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction but God has a identical principle that states what you sow is what you reap. However, from Godís perspective, beating the daylights out of the thief taking your possessions makes you as bad as they are. Does God have a principle that states the end does not justify the means?  However, he does ask that we pray for those who persecute you.

Paul addressed the same moral issue that all men face through his own personal experience. He said.

Paul wrote about the law of sin that is waging war against his mind. In this war he delighted in the laws of God, but in reality he did the very things that he knew opposed Godís law. He had the desire to live in right standing with God, but the influence of the world dominated his mind.  Although he desired to live by Godís law sin was firmly rooted in his mind and waged war in his desires.

For the most part, the human race is a prisoner of sin.  The shame of sin is covered over with lies and deception. The outcome is that you fall prey to your own deeds in order to save face or appear to be honest with other people.

With this in mind, we come across yet another principle regarding how we think. Our good or evil deeds are produced by the way we think. Our mind thinks by what our mind perceives and by reading the bible we see mental pictures expressing principles of truth. The problem is that the picture of the world shows that wickedness can appear to be more effective than being true to God. However the world never presents a whole picture as the evil deeds of the world are covered with lies and deception.  God has given us experience in the world, his word and a mind to sort truth from deception. He has also given us the ability to know the truth in Jesus Christ.

With an enduring life that outlasts several ages, a prudent person searches for absolute principles that will work every time because you need to use them to survive. God has several absolutes in his disposition that never fails. His promises are absolutes and are guaranteed to accomplish whatever he sent his word to do. Every principle of God promotes life in abundance and life that can be relied upon.

Life without trust or relationships life would be downright miserable. The worldís population would not have increased without the relationship between the husband and wife. Yet the principle of love governs solid relationships.

 Love demands that you honor another person and serve their needs. Love looks for ways to please one another, it does no harm, and love creates the security of self-respect and worth.

Abiding within the principles of love will keep peace in heaven for an eternity. When you consider that God will reward each man according to his deeds, the best thing we can do is to find ways to please God. Every minute spent with God increases your ability to understand God and know his good and perfect will. The bible tells us.

Those without scruples see laws as being restrictive no matter what they do.  Scruples hinder them from their personal goals and looks for ways that will not restrict what they do. They are not concerned with the morality of their actions because to them the end justifies the means. They are willing to bend the laws of man to get what they want even when their deeds are performed at the cost of hurting other people. They have chosen to believe the lie that as long as you donít get caught itís OK. They feel that everyone else is doing it and gets by with it so why not me.  Unknown to them, God lives by principles of absolutes and their deeds will direct God with finality.


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