Power Of The Tongue

Everyone on the face of the earth has a form of faith and it works like a shipís rudder that is used to steer the course of our life to destinations unknown.  Our beliefs become the shipís wheel that steers the events of our life that gives us a means to expect what will happen based on our beliefs. In the same way James is telling us that our spoken words become the pilotís hand that steers and controls the course of our life.  

If you have ever heard yourself saying I believe Iím coming down with cold. Just by hearing those words you should understand and expect that the words you heard coming from your mouth will stimulate the need for a box of tissues within a few days. James says no man can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison (James 3:8).

We really donít know how carelessly we use the words of our mouth in our daily life or how much of our life goes by before we learn to control what comes out of our mouth. Any wrong word can start an argument or joking around can stir a controversy among friends.

When Solomon became King he asked God for the wisdom to rule the nation of Israel. God exceeded his request well beyond what he had asked for and among the things God granted was for Solomon to became among the wisest of men. Within the verse below there are a number of things that we need to understand.

Solomon was not speaking about his power to grant someone a pardon or to have them executed on the spot. He was speaking to the power that we have emanating from our lips. He was telling us that we need to learn to take control of the words we utter. As James said, the words of our mouth can control the course of our life.

The person who said I believe I am coming down with a cold created a faith message that our brain and body accepts and responds to. The scripture Mark 11:23-24 was written for our understanding and it can be used as an example to tell us how to create and steer our life by faith. Simply say what you believe and it will happen. 

In other words faith is the hope of what we anticipate. Itís like planting a mustard seed of faith for the crop we desire. Faith is the plan we develop to ensure the outcome of our desires. As Paul wrote who hopes for what we already have.

The faith we are talking about is spiritually based around the promises of God and the reliability of his word. To make this concept clear God said his word is liken unto the rain and snow that falls on the earth. Like rain his words provide the water necessary for the grass and crops of the field to grow.

Some believe that God spoke the heavens and the Earth into being. The reality is God designed the earth to work in specific way and then God used the method he employed as an example to illustrate how faith works. He spoke of the rain that falls to water the earth so that the earth would bud and flourish yielding a harvest for the people who work the land.

God gave us the same power that the words of our mouth could be used to achieve the purposes of our heart. Still our tongues need to be harnessed by keeping a tight rein on his tongue and the words we speak.

Combining te words of our mouth can be used to bring glory to God and be of benefit to our life through the words we speak.  As James said, our words can praise our creator and used to curse the man made in Godís image.

Our words of our mouth have the power of life and death And Jesus warns us that men will have to give account for the word of their tongue.

However, if we were to harness the words of our mouth we will produce the environment needed to move the mountains of our life.  At the same time we can use our faith to better the lives of other people for the glory of God. 

The words of our mouth should be few and they are also needed to declare the love of God to our fellow man. Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of our Lord. May our words echo those of our father and of our Lord and Savior as we minister to the world.     


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