Plenty Versus Lacking

American money that is used to purchase goods and services proudly displays the words “In God we trust.” America is the land of plenty because our founding fathers of our nation based its constitution on the laws of God. They placed their trust in God to pursue the freedom to worship God according to their beliefs.

Plenty is the outcome of prospering due to one’s obedience to God.

We have God’s promise when we obey God that he will bless everything we put our hands to (Deuteronomy 28:8.) Wherever you go, your life, your livestock, your barns, God will bless the crops of your fields. These blessings will be yours if you obey the Lord your God. The Lord will grant you prosperity in abundance. God will open the windows of heaven to bless you and he will send rain on your fields in season. From the abundance you will not have to borrow but be able to lend. Your character will rise above your neighbors and you will glorify your God who is in heaven.

Its difficult to study the patriarchs of the bible without noticing that these men had one thing in common. They were men who were stewards who accumulated a wealth of plenty yet did not consider their wealth to be anything of worth. They looked to their supplier the one who supplied all their needs according to his riches. They saw his word as being more valuable than gold and knowing the almighty as finding life. David wrote

Within God’s word men found the abundance of wisdom that could not be frustrated.  His wisdom is still universal and beneficial for every situation that rises to confront your life. Those who trust in his principles take his word to heart and use them to prosper. They are not only successful in accumulating goods that can be exchanged in the market place but thrive in their relations with men.

Having plenty speaks of being amply supplied in quantity and abounding with abundance. However, true abundance is only found in God who gives his spirit without limit (John 3:34.) Jesus said I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10  Paul wrote that

Life is an asset that all men want to increase because its value to mankind is priceless. Life is an asset that no man is able to reproduce or able to extend for every attempt has failed. Studying the nature of God reveals that the basic requirements for life emanate from him.  God governs life and its law says no amount of gold can buy it, there is nothing that can replace it and life always ends in death because of sin. God has given man the option to choose life and that life is found in Jesus Christ.  However the choice for life has the responsibility to develop and manage so that it gives God glory.  

Jesus said,

It’s clear to see that God has a sufficient quantity of life to give freely to anyone who willingly accepts his offer of life. God’s gift of eternal life is without end and more plentiful than we can ever imagine. On the other hand, life is so sacred that God bears a responsibility to his kingdom and family to award life to men that is found worthy of eternal life.

The problem of being without God in your life is that there is something always lacking. The knowledge that you are unacceptable to God, being hostile with God, always having more stress that you want out of life is always present. Life without God is empty, void of true happiness, always wanting something that does not satisfy the desires of your heart comes from turning from God.

Life without God is a bummer, especially when you have been taught right from wrong and ignore the importance of other people. When Nebuchadnezzar’s heart became harden with pride God stripped him of his throne and forced him to think like an animal until he recognized God was Sovereign. His son Belshazzar knew the story well, but set himself against God by using his sacred instruments of worship to worship the God’s of Gold and silver that could not see or hear or understand or even respond. Belshazzar knew the consequences his father faced but he still defied God. The writing on the wall humbled Belshazzar to the point his knees knocked. God wrote this message.

Belshazzar lacked reverence for God in the same way the world demonstrates its desire to know God and the benefits of knowing him. Like Belshazzar, the world does not appreciate the evil that attacks their life, but they quick to return evil when the feel the need to do so. God says,

God says the primary reason the people of the world are destroyed is because they reject his word. To those who are perishing they think the gospel is foolishness yet to those who are being saved it is the power of God leading to salvation. The common testimony of the new Christian is – when I found out my life changed for the better. When they say those words they admit that they learned about the good news and therefore they found themselves lacking solid ground to stand on.


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