Pleasant Versus Offensive

Pleasant is a word that is not used very often in our day and age. It has lost its importance because people are more interested in having fun than in making life agreeable with other people. Today the idea of a pleasant life has more to do with having our own way even if that feeling comes at the expense of another person. The question is who is responsible for making life pleasant for your own life?

Why is it that being the center of attention is appealing to you, but the people around you do not find you to be a pleasant person? Pleasantness is a matter of behavior that reflects an attitude and a willingness to be agreeable with others. You can control a pleasant behavior with other people by doing things that are desired and found to be socially acceptablep by other people.

Being pleasant shows respect, discipline, courtesy, with a bearing that makes everyoneís life more enjoyable. It is not only the way that we greet people, but a matter of serving another person by being polite. May I help you with your groceries, is it all right if I shovel your driveway? It is also being there ready to make life easier for anyone when they need help.

Being pleasant is affording pleasure in a enjoyable manner that allows other people to accept you. The Bible tells us that we bear the responsibility of finding out what pleases the Lord. (Ephesians 5:10) The bible also says it is our spiritual act of worship to renew our minds to know the good and pleasing will of God (Romans 12:1-2). The behavior of each of his children is of extreme importance to God. His goal is to teach each of his children to restrict their behavior to be fair and just to all. God requires obedience as he disciplines those he loves.

God wants all men to be holy, to love one another and live in unity.

How can man live together unless they become agreeable.

When you disagree with the faults of men it is difficult, but not impossible to be pleasant.  A prudent man overlooks the faults of others and he looks for things that the two of you can agree with. To accomplish this task God asks that you be courteous enough to accept them as a being human subject to faults. At the same time you must be open to the opinions of others for they may be telling you about the faults you have.  You never see the faults you have unless someone tells you and by listening to them you may see and do something to correct that fault.

God forces you to see sin in your life because sin is detestable in his eyes. Itís not you but the decision to commit sin separates you from God and defines your nature.  Sin is downright offensive to God and sin is the primary reason why the access to God is through Jesus Christ.  Even then you must deal with your sin to have access to God through Jesus.

Everything that God created was good. On the other hand, Satan knew that everything good could be altered and used for evil. No one knows when Satan confronted Adam and Eve, but we know that Satanís primary goal was deceive both Adam and Eve and cause them to fall from Godís grace. The simple act of eating fruit from a tree God said do not eat from was the first recorded sin, but it was a sin that radically changed manís environment in hopes that man would learn sin is offensive to God. The bible says to find out what pleases God (Ephesians 5:10.) How can you say you love God and do what offends him?

Sin is offensive to God in many ways, but man does not consider sin to be offensive but the act of sin challenges Godís authority. They redefine sin in words that are more soothing to their minds.  Godís commands are beneficial to those who obey God considers the outcome of his actions and how they affect his future. From experience God knows that sin is destructive because sin disrupts life and forces you to rebuild what it has destroyed.  

God is love and love builds every relationship to a desired level beneficial to both parties. Love creates the means of bonding that makes people cling and stick together. On the other hand sin acts like a wedge driven into a log to divides it.  Sin separates you from other people and the respect you had for God. Sin alters the state of your relationship by affecting your trust in the person who sinned against you.   

Sin is an attack on your wellbeing, ego and self-worth. Sin changes how you feel about yourself and how others think about you. Sin changes your worth to God and people that avoid you. Sin is always unpleasant to the affected person but in the same way as sin makes your life unpleasant to everyone. Sin gives you emotional baggage like grudges and anger that you carry the rest of your life.  Being an unpleasant person labels you as an evil person, a liar, a thief and destructive. Ultimately sinful deeds are offensive and not acceptable to the person who suffers for the sin of another.

The things that are offensive to God are the same things that men find offensive to them. Yet the love of God sent his son to reconcile and restore men who were offensive to him. By recognizing and submitting to Godís authority you become agreeable with God. The only way we can expect to be rewarded with eternal life is by honoring our creator and by making peace with God. History shows that Adam and Eve lost privileges of living in a perfect environment and were removed from the paradise God created for them. The rest of their lives were spent in a world cursed by God and separated from his presence.  Those who are offensive to God will also be separated from his presence and eternally condemned to a place subjected to torment.


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