Peace Versus War

Life would be great if everything was agreeable with our needs and was always at our fingertips. Why is it that there is always some contention in everything we do, taking the ease in life that we so desperately want away from us? Why does everything we planned out fall to pieces the moment we begin to work? The problem is not that we are not there to work itís that everyone else has a different agenda and thinks that the work should be done in a different way. Wouldnít life be great if there was no one to tell you itís my way or not at all?

The world has so many things that upset the apple cart, things like anxiety caused by worry, and multi-tasking that has your abilities stretched to the limit. Even your supervisor makes things worse by wanting it done yesterday. When you go home planning to read that book the wife informs you to take care of the kids while I am at the PTA meeting. It seems as if life is better at disturbing your plans than you are at carrying them out.

We think of peace as an agreement to avoid armed conflict when the weapons of war are put on the shelf and we spend our time becoming prosperous. Itís a time of building, of making our careers successful and overall making our lives more comfortable. We think of peace as a time when tearing down is done to expedite progress by building something new and more constructive.

Holding God in reverence is a key to having true peace. Even then there can be no peace with God until we as men come to an agreement with him.  We must recognize that Godís authority is superior to the men he created. We must also understand that there is no life or the means to exist without him. Simply put Christians are pilgrims on a journey to a new life where the divine God of all creation rules.  

Usually agreements state what the first party is responsible to do and what the second party is responsible to do. True peace is maintained when the responsibilities of both parties are complied with. While the explanation to describe this agreement with God can appear to be complicated, Jeremiah 7:23 makes Godís terms for peace easier to understand.

Any agreement of peace dictates the responsibilities of both parties and reveals the expected behavior and establishes an agenda on behalf of both parties. In time, the children of God learn that our behavior needs to reflect the moral purity of God. His idea of moral purity is to consider the wellbeing of others before you commit to a plan or action. Simply stated Godís morals require that you do no harm to another person. These principles involving moral behavior concerns universal relationships with all kinds of people in every profession. God sums up morals in these terms.

When we think of war we consider that war is an open conflict between nations and people.  The bible tells us that the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy and without discipline war would compel men to steal, kill and destroy like the thief. The outcome of waging war always produces a need for additional hostility making it almost impossible to stop. Somewhere the reason for conflict is given rational thought and the war stops only when one side is willing to sue for peace.    

The bible also speaks of war in the spiritual realms where Satan rebelled against God through some shady trading. Because sin was found in him he was subdued and thrown to the earth to be made into a spectacle. Today Satan is attempting to corrupt the very nature of man and spoil Godís plan for life. His goal is to take as many trophies as possible and make Godís plan difficult to complete. Satan uses his skill of deception to allow you to see everyone prospering while committing sin and then tells you that some sin and is free of wrongdoing.

As long as man sins he will be hostile to God and the kingdom he is building. When man refuses to turn from the sin that God hates, God finds his deeds unholy and is detestable in his site. God says the acts of sinful man are obvious.

These deeds speak of the man who is not in control of his life and spending his time doing as he sees fit.  Every one of these deeds speaks about the nature of a person.  How can this person love God with his entire being when he cares for no one but himself? God is building a kingdom of men and the deeds above do more to destroy the personal esteem of men and women. Ultimately allowing those who cause sin into heaven will divide the saints of God and causes them to fight among themselves.  As the scripture says a kingdom divided against it cannot stand and will come to ruin. Aware of this strategy God is not going to let his kingdom be divided. He will weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil


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