Past Present Versus Future

Itís is obvious that past has very much to do with our future but the future has more to do with what we do today. The past relates to yesterday, a time already experienced and to things we cannot change. The present relates to today where we can repeat what we have done in the past or make changes according to our previous experience. The future relates to a time we have yet to experience but it is also a time where our previous life experiences shape what will come.  The fact is that God has a plan for our future but our future depends on what we do today.

The past is nothing more than a memory of the outcome of what we have done before.  Today we look back at those memories before making decisions needed for today. The memory of our past dictates what we do today, but the past also makes us creative for developing our skills and shaping our character in other ways. Our past gives us the opportunity to change, mature and to improve our lives for the better.

Our past gives us the opportunity to look back to our deeds to evaluate its worth. Knowing the advantage or the consequences of our deeds will determine whether we do the same thing or change the way we do things.  Most people want success, but success depends on knowing the truth and sometimes its knowing what weíve done wrong. Truth is hard to own up to when it has humbled our ego to the point of being ashamed.

Human history has a habit of repeating itself and what was done in the past is still done today. Solomon said,

The sin of the past is still a sin today and will still be sin in the future. What God has considered good in the past will be good today and long into the conceivable future. Although we learn from our past we also learn from what other people have done. The Bible presents a history of people and the methods that God wants men to use to overcome the sin God detests.

What we do today is an investment for the unforeseeable future. Those who earn a college degree and invested their lives in the market place typically have a larger salary. Those who invest their time to know God can expect an eternal reward, but those who sin will suffer shame and disgrace long after their sin is revealed. God controls our future and will decide our future based on our deeds.

The deeds of our past often tell people what you will do tomorrow. The past has given us time to gain experience to evaluate whether a person will react in an expected manner.  At the same time our past deeds is the evidence and the testimony that tells God the truth about our moral convictions.  Good deeds tell God your willingness to obey him from love. Evil deeds will convince God of your intent and the respect you have for other people.

The past and present are the time God has given to all men to prepare for his or her future destiny. God created an environment for men to live in as his habitat and has made it plain that he exists.  Everything that we can see has an ordained sequence and appears to operate in a prescribed way. If there were an exception to the prescribed way it would be in the thoughts of man.  Men have the same mental faculties, but no one thinks alike.

The thoughts of man differ from one person to another and some are more absorbed in their lives than others. Self-centered men and women lack a concern if another person is harmed by their decisions.  They pay the piper in the aftermath after the damage has been done and have to apologize for their actions. God is not the only person that considers the thoughts of man because thoughts are the origin to your deeds. The time God gives to all men is time every man has to think about how his deeds will affect others. God is not partial for he gives every person enough time to repent and find the salvation of the Lord.

Using your time to prepare for the future is one thing putting your plans into actions requires you to manage your time. How does one manage his life when you barely get up and itís time to go back to bed?  The average person has enough work to keep them busy all day long but still manages to waste most of his time having fun. Some things are a daily routine and other things happen on a spur of a moment and must be dealt with right away. The important things must have priority such as going to work and paying the bills. Regardless of how important survival may be God must have our complete devotion.  Loving God is a part of Christian life.

How should the Christian use his time between the weekly services and potlucks? How should you behave at work when your boss is out of the office?  Do we honor our agreements with those we have made agreements with? Remember, the servant who hid his masterís money did not use it to for his masterís benefit? He lost his job and was thrown out his masterís household.

Off in the future God will demand an account for what we have done in the flesh. That day we will have no choice, but to relinquish control of our life to God. He also spoke about a book of remembrances that records what you have done in the past and the Lambs Book of Life that records your salvation.

Time is a gift of God that everyone has.  We live under the mercy of God who says today is the day of salvation. Everyone has the same amount of time to find God and find out what he expects of us. We also have time to enter into a covenant with God and change the way we live. However Right now is the only time you have to make decisions. Putting that decision off until tomorrow is a bad decision for tomorrow has trouble of its own and that choice will not exist when standing before the judgment seat of God


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