Our King is Born

The scriptures reveal the plans of the Lord before they come to pass so when they happen we may know God has his hand in them. On the other hand those who do not seek his kingdom are totally oblivious to what is occurring before their eyes. In this passage the child most Christians believe to be the son of God was born to rule the people of God in righteousness and Justice.

Isaiah predicted that the son of God would be born approximately 700 years before Jesus was born. This truth was affirmed with accuracy by Jesus at his trial.

Daniel also prophesied of the kingdom God would set up in the time of the kings spoken of between Daniel and Christ.

The bible tells us about the Babylonian empire and the transfer of power to the Persian Empire during the life time of Daniel. Between the testaments the empires of mankind changed again. Alexander the Great rose to power conquered a large part of the known world and died suddenly.

His kingdom was divided among his generals and in time their power faded and the Roman Empire rose and conquered most of the land surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. During the Roman occupation Jesus Christ was born.

Going back to the prophesy of Daniel; In the time of those kings God will establish a kingdom that will endure forever. The government of which will be on the shoulder of his one and only Son.  God bestowed a kingdom on his son after his suffering and was raised from the dead. It also appears to be reasonable that Christ received his kingdom before he returned to the father.  For this reason;

On a different note the night Jesus was betrayed Jesus presented man with a New Covenant that remembers the blood shed by Christ for the remission of sins. Christ died as a ransom to set all men free from the sins committed under the first covenant. The unblemished blood of Christ by faith cleanses our conscience from sins leading to death, so that we may serve the living God!

Through his death and resurrection Christ has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek. Just as Christ is the prince of peace he is also High Priest of the new covenant. In the same way Melchizedek was king of Salem; righteousness and peace and priest of God Most High.

Jesus Christ is the mediator between God and man but also between man and God. By his blood;

Christ has given his servants the message of reconciliation and empowered each follower to be his ambassador. This delegation of authority is the same as he gave to his apostles. He gave his messengers the right to use and speak in his name.

Some of our church teachers believe that the gifts of the spirit died with the apostles. That statement is not true as the apostles were average men delegated to take the message to the people of the world. The God they served as apostles is still alive and is the only person through whom a person may be healed; delivered and made whole.

Jesus was speaking to his disciples when he gave them the right to ask for anything in his name. Christ also promised to do whatever you asked in his name so he could bring glory to God. His promise empowered his disciples to do the work they were assigned to do. The promise of Christ also empowers you to carry out the ministry of reconciliation.

Has the message of reconciliation changed? Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near. The kingdom of heaven is within reach and available to anyone who wants to understand with their heart what God has planned for them.

Jesus performed a number of miracles or least it appeared as he did them. Jesus said he did not perform miracles but gave his father the glory for the miracles done through him. By the same token Jesus gave us the right to use his name and a spirit of power of love and self-discipline.

The kingdom of God in within you and the power of the father and his son will move you to follow his decrees and keep his laws. It is also within your power as his ambassador to proclaim the gospel of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.

The power of God is within us to move us to obey him. On the other hand, the power to intimidate Christians is overwhelming and everywhere we look. Courage is a quality of character God asks us to muster to put his decrees into practice. Jesus sent his disciples in two’s and where two Christians who want to serve God are – the courage is found to serve the kingdom of God and our Lord in new and powerful way.

When it is all said and done these words are easy to say with our mouth. The question we should be asking are we serving God from our heart?  11282016


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