Origin Of Faith

If I were to look for an origin to faith I wouldhave to point at our Heavenly Father. The bible tells us,

However how is man to call on God if he were not known to exist?   Perhaps it was for this reason that God made his existence plainly known to man.

And again

Because the heavens declare the glory of God, God revealed himself which gives man a reason to seek him. When we look at the creation itself, everything God created reveals his divine power and eternal power. The creation account tells us after God made man there was an interaction between God, Adam and Eve as they walked in the garden in the cool of the evening. By walking with Adam and Eve, God took the first step to create and established a relationship with mankind.

Relationships establish the value you place in another person.  What makes that person a reliable person worthy of trust is his or her character.  Over time all relationships are tested and proven at the personal level. At the same time any relationship establishes the trust or faith between both persons to know how they react to the needs of the other person.

Faith is a two-way street as both participants must have a reason to believe in the other person because every person has a potential worth you need. At the same time, faith requires a personal knowledge of how the other person reacts to you under differing circumstances.

Still there is a condition of love that needs to be established to form the personal relationship combined with a commitment to keep all of your relationships intact. Love is the power behind the personal commitment to serve the needs of another with the intent of benefiting the other person in the relationship.

There is also a requirement of reliability demanded by you that responds to your needs. Is that person faithful to the promises he has made to you and by the same token are you faithful to the promises you made with other people.  As we said faith is a two way street.

The reliability of the other person will be tested by you and other people therefore; faith is primarily the confidence you have in the trustworthiness of every person in your circle of friends. At the same time, you must know a person enough to know how the other person will react to an unknown situation.  Predicting how one reacts often depends on trust alone.

In all relationships it takes one person to begin laying the foundation of faith but it takes two persons to build that foundation. Throughout the Old and New Testament we see God actively working with people developing some profound relationships. Some of those men and women (Hebrews 11) died defending their relationship with God.

It was not mankind alone who died for his rebellion against God. By faith Jesus trusted his fatherís plan of salvation completely too devoutly obey him. Within this plan Christ died for the sins of the world so he could reconcile mankind and restore the lost relationship God had with man. The outcome of this restoration is that man could be saved by accepting Jesus into our lives by faith.  And again faith is a two way street.

Faith is the basis for a continuous relationship with God one that will last an eternity.

God wants to know you and have an expectation that your relationship with him will last for several ages. With this in mind God is teaching his children the characteristics that build relationships. Those rules are summed up in the royal command that says to love God with your entire being and to love your neighbor as you would want them to love you.

Still you cannot please God without faith and every Christian that believes in Jesus Christ will call on his name by faith. Those in the world who chosen not to believe in Jesus Christ want nothing to do with God, but their choice will lead them to the words of Christ saying, I never knew you, you wicked and evil person.

Your relationship with Jesus Christ will give you the opportunity to ask him to do things for you on your behalf, especially things that you cannot do.  In return he has asked you to do something for him by spreading the gospel to the world. There again faith is s two-way street.

Being a practical person you wonít ask your friends to do something beyond their skills.  But what about Jesus who said ask me anything and I will do it to bring glory to the father.

In return Jesus is asking that you love and obey both him and his Father. They have prepared good works for us to do that will bring glory to God.

The bible describes the works that the disciples accomplished and those works are the same today for every Christian. There will always the fatherless, the widow and the poor among you. There is always someone who needs the comfort that comes from prayer and you will always be a person in need. God wants you to show that you care by casting both your and their needs on him.

The creation speaks of an intelligent design that cannot be explained otherwise. Therefore the origin of faith stems from God as he made himself known to mankind in various ways. Still to insure the knowledge of God, he gave men the right to a committed relationship in order to develop a personal knowledge of him and his needs.   As a result God inspired men through the Holy Spirit by writing about their personal experiences within the Scriptures so their testimony wou relate with your life and help build the desire to seek him.

Personal relationships always come to a point where they rely on the other person to do something for them. Itís not taking advantage of the other person to ask them to do things for you unless you consistently do nothing for them. God is asking for your love and obedience in return you may ask anything of Jesus and he will do it. Faith is a commitment to love other people in such a way that the love of others is returned to you and for this reason faith continues to be a two-way street.


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