Opposition To Faith

Every Christian has a strong delusion that stands in opposition to his or her faith. And without realizing it every Christian leans toward believing the delusion our body perceives has of the word of God. As human beings we have depended on this delusion for everything from the time we get up in the Morning till we go to bed at night.

What makes it hard to understand is that God gave us the means to perceive and navigate our person in this world. At the same time we have used this means to perceive in ignorance as a way to oppose the will of God. Sensory perception is vital to our wellbeing and yet contrary to the way of God. Still, our perception of life battles against our faith in God.

We have eyes but do not see and ears but do not hear and yet God tells us he who has ears let him hear. So take a look around you and you will see that everyone has eyes and ears. What it means is that God gave men the ability to see and hear and we have forgotten that man is a spirit that has flesh and blood.

We do not see God or the things of God even though they are always present. We know that God gave us eyes that are spirit in nature to guide our bodies through this world. On the other hand we have the choice to open and close our eyes and ears at our discretion. We can hear or tune out the noise of the world and we also can see without seeing everything. Life can be confusing when we can see and hear anything that interests our disposition and choose to ignore the things that we have no interest in. On the other hand, our life can be devastated by the things we lack interest in.

You can preach the gospel all day long but the gospel will only be listened by those who see the need for salvation. Do you listen to what you consider utter nonsense or what seems too good to be true? Some people refer to this phenomenon as having selective hearing. Itís like choosing the movie you go to and the choice will always be what interests you.

God gave us eyes and ears to guide our flesh and blood and in a similar fashion he gave us eyes and ears to guide our spirit. What we may not understand is that we use our eyes and ears of our flesh and blood more than those of our spirit.  The eyes and ears of the flesh are based on perception and the eyes and ears of the spirit are based on discerning the truth.

We have learned to trust in the eyes and ears of the flesh because of the reality of the physical world. The world has matter with depth width and length to base our experiences on and we have learned to understand how they react to each other. By the same token we have experienced the laws of nature and know what happens when gravity has sway and does what it wants to our person.

Our physical world reacts the same way every time when a specific event takes place and we know what to expect. In other words we have learned to trust the world we live because we have experienced certain events over our life time and they have taken place in an identical fashion every time.

Christians have been transferred into the kingdom of God where everything in Godís kingdom works by principles that are completely different from the principles of the world.  However, the principles of the spirit realm work in the same fashion every time they take place. Among the principles, God's kingdom operates from is love, respect for one another, and developing strong relationships that will last forever. God wants you to develop a character trait of being faithful to the word of our mouth so other people will place their trust in you.

The character trait of trust working with love will draw people to you and establish a relationship. Reflect with me on this, did trust in Jesus without being drawn to him and is God faithful in doing what he has promised? We learn from the scriptures that God has made a vow that his word will accomplish that which it was sent to do. These words being true, it doesnít make sense that God would make promises that he cannot successfully achieve. 

From a human perspective our eyes and ears were not designed to see and hear beyond this world or into the spirit realm. God is spirit and no man has seen him or the things he can accomplish for you. We cannot see hear or touch the things of the Spirit realm, the reason being our senses do not acknowledge or recognize things outside the human perception. Because the world lives by sight not by faith the world only sees the things of God as foolishness.

The perception of how the world has its being can change. Do we eat to live or live to eat?  Do we live by sight not by faith or do we live by faith not by sight. In these two examples we have the same words but the sentences are words are arranged so they have different meanings. By the same token we can see and hear the same things but have different explanations of what was seen.

In regards to our perception, we have ears to hear and eyes to see but do we live by faith. As Christians we live like the receiver on the football team, who after receiving the ball must assess his position to determine which way to run. They do this to prevent the opposing from jumping on and knocking them on the ground. Iím not a football fan so I know it is how we perceive the game. At the same time how do we perceive what God has done for us if we donít receive the unseen?

Have you ever tried to give something away and the people you ask do not want your gift? The bible tells us to believe that we have received the good things we ask for and we will have them.  If we have received them then they are in our possession and are we willing to take advantage of what God has given us.

We canít see, smell or touch the good things God has given to us in answer to our prayer as answers are given in the spirit realm where you and God are spirit beings. They are there in our possession because God has promised to give us anything we asked for knowing that God is able to do immeasurably more than you can think or imagine.

Still we have an element of faith within our being to create and use our faith in a person who has the power to do what he has promised. At the same time we have our sensory perception that tells us that we do not feel normal even after God has healed us in the spirit realm. We have faith in both areas of our life but what we can see or trust in the things of God we cannot see?

Letís also consider that we can ignore the principles of this world in preference to the principles of God. Living by faith requires us to ignore the sight of the fresh for a complete trust in the faithfulness of God. If you know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!(see Matthew 7:11.)

At Christmas time nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see the gift I have given being used with delight.  However, I have no pleasure in the gifts that are put back in the box and go unused.  At times it makes me wonder why I tried to please them. I wonder if God feels the same way.

We may not see, smell or touch the good things God has given to us in answer to our prayer. However, will we trust him to take care of the things we have entrusted to him? While we must face the condition of our flesh we must also place our trust in our creator who does the impossible every day.  He answers prayers and he will do it for you because he loves you.

For the most part, Christians have the faith to ask God for the things they need. Mostly due to the fact that God has promised he would give anything you ask for. However, Christians have a problem of accepting the things God have given them without ever making an effort to take or use the gift they wanted.   


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