Moral Versus Corrupt

It’s ironic that in the world’s opinion, morality cannot be legislated. What is ironic about that thought is that every nation under the sun enacts laws that dictate the acceptable behavior of its own citizens. Each nation governs its people with laws that are right, just and fair to its citizens. They enact laws that consider a minimum standard to attain equality and right standing with other people. Their laws are the moral standard of their land. However, everyone has morals of their own designed around the desires they want to live by. This means that a small segment of society does live by the law of the land. Therefore, the law must have the power to enforce the laws violated by those who do not obey them. The Bible says,

What good are laws when no one obeys them and for this reason laws have to be enforced to be effective? America has laws, but we also have a police force to enforce the law. Having to employ a police force to maintain order means that some are not willing to behave in a lawful manner. For the most part people are willing to obey the law, however they lose their temper and react in anger only to regret what they did when they regain their senses.

However, the Kingdom of God does not have a police force to enforce the laws of God rather it demands that each citizen obey God’s law of their free will. God employs a system of self-discipline by teaching the difference between right and wrong. However, his teaching includes the knowledge that the decision to do good has a reward, but decisions to do evil has a downright nasty consequence that demands correction. Therefore, God’s child is required to learn and consider the difference between right and wrong before making any decision.

Since, you are not the only person on the earth there is a need to create a relationship of right standing with the other person. As man began to settle down in one place they found ways to establish relationships by making peace agreements called covenants. Today we would call them contracts with conditions that enable men to work together for their common good.

Man has a contract with God, with God saying, “obey me and I will be your God” and man saying, “Jesus is Lord and I will serve and obey God”.” God said,  

Just as the lion characteristic is to roar when he has no prey, man has characteristics that he lives by. Bad character such as uncontrolled anger drives people away and good behavior forms a social way of life that all man can accept. You may not agree with the way other people live, but you can live according to ways that you and God can agree upon. Did you not agree with God that “Jesus is Lord and you would serve and obey God”?

The morals of God are not rules to make you feel good about yourself. It is a way of life that conforms to the royal law of God. His law is simple, to love God with your entire being and to love your neighbor the way you want them to love you. This law expresses a sense of fairness, just behavior and the right standing in a manner other people will know that you have respect for them.   

When one understands the nature of sin, sin can be understood as taking an unfair advantage of other people. No one likes his possessions taken, being lied to or been deceived through the deeds of another person. On earth these actions are called crimes against humanity, but in heaven these crimes are deeds that rebel against God authority and are called sin.

God is involved with training his children to develop a moral character by teaching each of his children how to behave. God knows that behavior must be shaped by the conditions formed within your decisions. The behavior due to your decisions can change the outlook of people that interact with you. Regarding God’s law to love one another as yourself, your deeds tell people whether you care for anyone other than yourself.  

God knows that sin corrupts the character of man by thoughtless behavior for personal gain. When man’s character is not properly trained he or she becomes the rotten apple that spoils entire bushel of apples. The world has become an example that everyone sees but ignores because their actions side with the world that has been corrupted.  Therefore, they desire the things of this world but have no concern over the consequences of Judgment day.

Do not be deceived, sin corrupts man’s character to a level of selfish behavior due to a desire to love God and our fellow man. The lack of morals does not establish a sense of righteousness; rather the lack of morals causes shame and disgrace due to poor ethics, scruples and double-dealing. It has a double standard of convenience that allows good deeds while at the same time making the end justify the means.

Morals corrupted by this world destroy the integrity of man as if their deeds were cancer.   The world system looks after itself and neglects the person who made them who they are. The world may have the luxuries of life but they have never taken God purpose for creating them to heart. When their life is spent they will have the bells and whistles that they can’t take with them. The things of this world do not impress God as much as how you live, for God detests a lifestyle that has been corrupted with evil desires.


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