Meek Versus Arrogant

Many think that the meek person is easily imposed on and can be easily pushed around. However, from Godís viewpoint, a meek man is has a mild demeanor and deals with other people in a gentle fashion. Meekness is a conscious choice to recognize that God is in control and that everything works out for the good of those who love God. The meek person shows patience, but his strength and courage is controlled with kindness.

The meek honors one another above themselves, (Romans 12:10) but at the same time he does not consider one person to be any better than another. He submits to supervision and becomes accountable in doing the tasks assigned to him by putting forth his best effort. In all this he is not easily provoked to anger but patiently absorbs the pride of the arrogant, the anger the undisciplined mind the unstable person and what occurs because of their decisions. He understands that one day they will stand before an awesome God to be judged.

Recognizing that God has authority over the universe and over the lives of man is only common sense. God has made his divine nature and eternal power known to man through the things he created. There is no place on earth where the power of the sun is not felt and where men seek shelter when it rains.  Even huge trees cannot stand up to lightning bolts when they strike their target. Because of these things no one is without excuse for not understanding that God exists.

It is easy to say that God has the authority to rule the universe, but it is much harder to say that God has a right to rule your life. Men with intelligence recognize that if God rules over the universe but he also rules over the people that are in the universe. Men love to think that they are in charge of their lives and for the most part they are. However, God has also embedded the thought of eternal life within the consciousness of man.

Within the embedded thought of eternal life men know that Heaven and Hell are the only destinations. The intelligent man must consider that Godly people except go to Heaven and the bad person goes to Hell. If that were so, there must be a way for man to determine where he goes and there must a guideline for the man who wants to control the destiny concerning where he spends eternity.

Meekness is a quality of intelligent men that recognizes and accepts that he is not entirely in charge of his life. All authority lies at the throne of God but there are always people who think they have more authority than you. Men can easily reason that if God created the entire universe he also created you and has the right to do with you as he pleases. Yet do we seek a way to please him?

Man throws things away when they do not perform as they were designed to work. In the same way, God prepared good works for man to do in advance, but what happens to man who fails to do the work God planned for him to do?  The meek finds out how to please God (Ephesians 5:10) and submits to Godís authority.

The outcome of meekness is shown by the person who honors another person above them self. This quality brings out the point Jesus Christ made when he said he did not come to be served but to serve.   

No one can compel you to serve one another but a true leader serves his subjects. Serving the needy does not lower your status as a human being rather it elevates you to a compassionate person. When Jesus saw people in need he had compassion and did something to serve their need.    

Paul instructed Godís chosen people to develop compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  People who are having bad times or in desperate need are not necessarily looking for these qualities but they are the qualities they need to be restored to life. Meekness is a quality God appreciates, as he wants people who employ meekness to serve one another.  

The meek honors one another above themselves and in the business world the customer is honored he is always right. The world knows how to be meek when being meek means cash in the drawer. Being meek more frequently means that you treated with harshness or deceit by mean spirited people. However, there is a reward for being meek, Jesus said the meek would inherit the earth.

Bloated with ego and overbearing pride the arrogant person becomes more important than their peers are. Because they think more highly of themselves than they ought, they take credit for what others do and frequently exaggerate the facts to become the hero of the day. By these deeds they lose respect of their peers.

The bible refers to stiff-necked people who resist the Holy Spirit as being stubborn in their ways. Their thinking is without reason and they make themselves inaccessible to God by failing to consider his authority. Ultimately, they become undesirable to God and make themselves unworthy by a repeated and openly defiant lifestyle, refusing to humble them self before an Almighty God. God has warned man that his arrogance will not be tolerated on that day.


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