Mature Versus Immature

Maturity is a measure used to explain the natural development of living things. The level of manís maturity is described from least to greatest by the development terms of Ė newborn Ė adolescent Ė teenager Ė youth Ė and adult, each being a stage of growth. Still, itís not uncommon to see a person with see an adult without Down Syndrome have a mind of a child. Plant life, animal life and the structure of the human body naturally mature with age.  

God is interested in the spiritual side of man and how the spirit matures with the knowledge of good and evil. He is concerned about the behavior of his children due to the decisions they have made and will make in the future.  

During the normal life, people make mistakes that show the immaturity of their decisions. It is through the trials of life and its successes that we learn to distinguish good from evil. God told Job if he contended with the leviathan that he would remember the struggle and never do it again. The same is true with sin and you will remember the consequences even though a manís heart is stubborn.

The situations of life are repetitive such as working on an assembly line where you repeat the same process thousands of times. How many times have gotten out of bed or worked beside the same person? Our life is forged by repeated activity that becomes second nature in our mind and our memories. The amount of information that our mind remembers is incredible and most of those remembrances can be recalled.

The behavior of Godís children is a major concern to him because the decisions his child makes affect the lives of other people. Life is such that it demands a set of morals governing personal behavior that human beings can except as a right in their eyes.  However, nothing compels man to comply with the morals of God unless he wants to please God. God gave man an independent mind capable of developing morals of convenience but the morals you develop change how people see you. The difference is that Godís morals are fixed and manís morals have too many exceptions.

Man can obtain the highest degrees in education, gain professional expertise and reach his potential, but never demonstrate a system of morals.  The things of this life are something that every father wants his family to have. Obtaining those things will consume your mind and become so important that you forget those you love. Over time you become so involved with having things for your family and work that you cannot make the time for God.

Successful people keep their eyes and mind on their objectives. In the process of reaching their goals prudent men review their work on to determine the problems that may hinder the desired outcome.  Paul says that we should run the race to win the prize and not disqualify yourself as a contestant.  The prize of Christian life is eternal life and Christians bear the responsibilities of obeying the rules. Paul said that itís not wrong to have goals for your life, but if you leave God out of your plans you will extinguish any hope of going to heaven.

Setting your mind on Jesus Christ, as your priority will establish the reason you are a Christian. Success is often measured by controlling the thoughts of your mind. Most businesses require you to keep your mind on what you are doing.   In Christian life, developing this line of thought requires dedication, devotion and consecration to God. Those of us who are mature should take such a view of things to attain the fullness of Christ.

However if we do things right everything will work properly in its own time. Every deed has a procedure just as you will reap what you sow. Reaping beans requires that you plant the appropriate seed and good morals that you obey the laws of God. Maturity in Christ means that you understand that his laws teach morals and to obey his commands shows you love for God. Remember Jesus overcame the world and is seated at the right hand of God and by understanding the wisdom of his commands through experience you will be able to distinguish good from evil.

The mature by constant use have been trained to distinguish good from evil therefore, the mature move on to do the works God has prepared in advance. Putting their childlish way aside they begin to establish their life according to their knowledge obtained from their father.  Maturity demands that you develop good judgment combined with practical deeds concerning the lives of other people. The way a person conducts himself for his advantage determines his prudence, integrity and maturity.

More often the immature do what is right in their mind even when things do not go right. The immature are like the boxer that swings his fists aimlessly only in the confusion hope to strike his opponent.  They are uncertain about their future and at best hope that God will accept them. More often men are not concerned about having to give an account to God for their life. Instead they take comfort in the security of their wealth.


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