Love Versus Hate

Both Love and hate supply to motives for the disposition that affects your decisions concerning other people. Love is the bonding agent of choice that creates a durable lifetime relationship. Any act of love is an open demonstration of oneís concern over the wellbeing of another.  There are many attributes that lead to a sense of belonging, especially those in a relationship. Among them are kinship, a desirable quality and the desire to spend time with them.

Love is the basic foundation for a solid relationship that will last forever. For this reason God knows a disposition of love towards him and one another will be required to establish his eternal kingdom. Jesus confirmed that all the law hangs upon the premise of love and has commanded us to love. Godís commanded the a specific direction that we are to channel our love so that no one is without being loved.    Love is a basic foundation to all relationships therefore the main focus is to love God with all of our being and to love our neighbor as you love yourself..

Our relationship with God began with the knowledge that we have sinned and needed Godís forgiveness. We also learned that while we were still in sin Christ demonstrated his love by paying the penalty for our sin. His death reconciled us before an awesome God because the penalty for our sin was paid in full. Christís death meant we could reestablish a relationship because we obtained righteousness from Christ.

The love of God is indescribable because it transcends manís ability to understand the true nature of love. Both Greek and Hebrew languages have words that define differing kind of love for one another, yet none can compare to the unconditional love of God. Although many have tried to understand Godís love none have ever been to describe the manner of Godís love in complete detail.

The words ďfor God so loved the worldĒ do not exclude anyone from receiving the gift of life or his love. Jesus Christ demonstrated his love for every man when he died once for all. Godís word was written for whosoever referring to those who are willing to listen and comply.  Christians have developed a deep and abiding relationship with God just from reading his word. Godís love does not show partiality for he offers his love to any person regardless of their character.

Godís love for mankind is shown in many ways, for example, who does the sun shine on and who does it rain fall upon? God loves the person that sins, but hates what he or she has done. When one considers the complexity and vastness of the earth, the distance of space and the number of stars in the sky, man becomes nothing more than a speck of dust in Godís creation. It makes you wonder why God is so mind full of man and why is man at the center of Godís attention? Why would God love the person who points his finger at him and tells God that he doesnít need or want him in their life?

Even Christians do not know the full extent of Godís love, but we have an eternity ahead of us to learn more about his love. On the other hand, do we as Christians know the full extent of Godís wrath?  Perhaps knowing the full extent of Godís wrath we can understand why God does not want anyone to perish. No one who loves wants to see anyone harmed much less tortured. However, hell is a place of continuous torture that will cling to the soul throughout eternity.

Man knows that he can hate with greater force than it takes to love another person. Love can be forgotten when a person feels betrayed and allow love to be replaced by hatred in a split second. When speaking about divorce God said, do not break faith. (Malachi 2:15) To understand what God is saying, faith is your confidence and trust in another person that causes love to exist, but it is deception, betrayal and mistreatment committed against you that destroys your love for them.  In the overall picture it is difficult to love anyone without trusting them.

Consider this, Love places your trust in God and trust deepens a relationship of love with God. God has made hundreds of promises to help man is their struggle to master sin. Would you consider that God loves you if he did not honor his promises?  Failing to honor his word would alter the trust you have for God and the time you spend with him. A lack of trust would reshape your opinion to become unfavorable and you would shy away and complain about his or her faults.

Love inclines you to show favor to those in your inner circle of relationships and in return your friends are inclined to show good will to you. However, God wants you to love those who use you and your enemies without expecting anything in return.  

Isnít love a concern for others people?  Jesus said, if you love me you would obey my commands. Godís commands are building stones that create the character men and women admire and trust. His commands teach men and women the behavior of every person in all walks of life to respect for life that they want for themselves. By obeying the commands of God you also honor every person above your own needs and demonstrate your love for God.

It is written that the thief comes to steal, to kill and destroy so having a disposition of hatred does not show a concern for the wellbeing of anyone. Hate is a demonstration of lack of your self-control with hostile emotions associated with words and deeds that follow. Ultimately hatred is an act of war as the person who hates is not concerned over who gets hurt as long as they have their revenge.


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