Light Versus Darkness   

While it is interesting to know that God is light, we must ask why his first commanded concern light. For sensual beings such as man, Light is important asset to beings needed to see and perceive with the eyes. As thinking beings light is essential to understand our environment and the God who created us. We know that God created two lights, one to govern the day and another to govern the night. These lights were designed to last several thousand years from Adam and Eve until he returns for his elect.

God wanted his creation to perceive him, the sun gave light during the day and the moon reflected its light during the night hours. The same is true of mankind, God is the light of life and as human beings, we reflect the light emanating from God. God created the sun to illuminate the face of the earth making the objects of Godís creation understandable to man. It is a combination of illuminating things whether of the world or of the spirit that enables our eyes to perceive. With that perception our mind becomes aware of the obstacles of life and enables us to choose a path to move from one place to another.  Light opens the mind to see obstacles in our path that may cause us to stumble and injure us.

For the most part, light helps man to navigate. Light functions in this world to help man organize his thoughts through what is perceived with our eyes. However, light comes in many forms. For example, light comes in shades from light to dark, and the degrees of light sheds weight on what is seen. Light reflected off objects and can be crisp and sparkling while other shades can be pale and grim. The light of Godís word opens our eyes to the truth and the spiritual realm where God illuminates the streets of gold. Light has many uses and its application depends what your mind is focused on with information you need to know.

Itís not surprising that in darkness that manís eyes always turn toward the light.   For light reveals an abundance of information to consider and understand. However, complete exposure to the actuality of life depends upon the amount of light available to the mind.  For example, it might be a dark overcast and cloudy day or we could be looking through sunglasses to obscure the brightness of sunlight.  On the other hand it could be a hot and cloudless day with an abundance of light when the true beauty of the earth can be seen. In addition there are times when we need to virtually put something under the floodlight to grasp what cannot be seen in room light.  

Without light, man would know little about a three-dimensional world and the dangers that man face in life.  Yet without the true source of light (God) man would not be able to comprehend the truth of the spirit realm to make sound decisions. Godís word is a lamp unto my feet as it sheds light on the decisions and direction that God wants me to take. To Some Godís word is foolishness but to the Christian Godís word is the instruction of a loving father who is raising his children to address life and the world in a prudent manner.  

Godís word is a beacon of light concerning Jesus Christ who exposed the plans of God and his desire to redeem man from sin. Jesus Christ brought Godís plan of Salvation out into the open making his fatherís desires known to man. He also paid the horrible price for the sin committed by every man, which separated man from God. The act of sacrificing his life for man was the greatest news that man needed to be aware of.  The truth of the cross sheds light on Godís plan of salvation and when accepted has given man the right to be reconciled to God. It is imperative for men to set their eyes on the light of the world that is Jesus, to understand and know that eternal life is knowing God the father and Jesus Christ (see John 17:3).

When we were saved, God redeemed us from the slavery of our sins and transferred us from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. While in the kingdom of darkness that blinded us from the truth of Godís salvation plan. When the light of Godís word exposed sin for what it is. In addition we saw the need to change the direction of our life. Godís light exposed the only way to eternal life was through Jesus Christ and that we needed to be forgiven. With continued exposure to Godís truth we discovered that Godís children needed to obey their fatherís instruction.   

At times Light exposes things we didnít want to see, but needed to see. At the same time placing light directly on the subject forces us to look the truth. We learn that neither God nor the truth ever changes. However, the knowledge of God puts light on the truth and makes us aware that certain conditions exist. By becoming aware of truth and God we can make decisions to agree with the truth or choose to reject the truth. A prudent person searches for the truth because the known truth shapes the outcome of his plans.

Itís in darkness that men stumble and fall the lack of light keeps him from seeing his path clearly. Sin keeps man in darkness and unaware of what will come from his deeds. Regardless, men need to know that they have sinned and fallen short of Godís sinless life. Darkness imprisons life in fear of the unknown, robbing him of hope leaving him with a bleak future. The world would rather complain that thieves break into homes to steal under the cover of darkness.  Darkness is the hiding place where evil deeds neither die nor lie dormant. Only when light exposes evil will evil be seen in its ugliness.

Darkness is where the deeds of the flesh flourish in hopes that evil will never be discovered. Yet the blackest part of darkness has been reserved for those who commit the vilest of evil deeds. The kingdom of darkness is earmarked for those who refused to follow any path lit by the word of God. They despised the wisdom of God and refused to love the truth and have chosen death over life. Therefore, they have chosen the path that leads to their final destination where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.


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