Life Versus Death

Life that has the potential to exist eternally is virtually incomprehensible to man. Eternal life is it not the essence of being aware of who and where you are, it speaks of time that never ends. The bible tells us that the body without the spirit is dead and in like manner the body without breath or animation cannot exist.  Ultimately Man must come to realize that manís life exists until such time as the body is spent or as long as the Lord permits. However in eternal life, death does not exist.

Man has studied the human anatomy and other living organisms and has educated his fellow man to become doctors of medicine. In the overall picture the need for a doctor seems like wasted time when human beings may prolong life but cannot escape the sting of death. The answers to life are not found with discovery of the latest science, but in places that the majority of scientists refuse to look. The cure for death is not found in how the body functions, but in finding Godís gift of life.

Where do we go to find out what life is all about? What do you call a person who has no beginning or end to life? Who calls things as they are and whose name is, I am that I am.  The bible tells us that God is the beginning and the end and the reality of human life is found between the beginning and the end of Godís plan.  In the same regard God is life, the one who was, who is and is to come, he is the origin of life itself. In the beginning God created all life on Earth and on the last (judgment day) God will bring life on earth to an end. God made man to be an eternal being in the same way that as he is eternal. The bible also tells us that it is appointed for man to die once and then the judgment.  We need to consider the need to live responsibly because our life is subject to God beckoning call.  

From Godís perspective, the moment Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit they not only disobeyed God, but they made themselves subject to the penalty of death.  They had access to the tree of life until God drove them from the Garden.

God said, man must not be allowed to eat from the tree of life and live forever. Is God saying that eternal life can be obtained by eating from the tree of life? If so, Jesus Christ is the only access to the tree of life. The tree of life may be a part of the Godís formula of life, but the abundance of life came through Jesus Christ. (John 10:10) Eternal life is realized through knowing the true God and Jesus Christ. (John 17:3) In other words you must go to God to understand what life is about and accept the life of Jesus Christ into your heart.

We are asked to look at the life of Christ for the answers to life. However in this context we have to look at what Jesus did over his lifetime. His earthly beginning was described as born of a virgin and his end came with sacrificing his life for the sins of mankind on the cross. He spent his entire life meeting the needs of others and God was with him accrediting him with signs and wonders.

Jesus said several things about himself and how life was related to him.  

Jesus also said,

God has given his creation the choice of life and death.

God has given everyone the choice of life by listening to his voice and holding fast to him. At the same time God has left man a choice between life and death. We are living in an environment where sin abounds and appears to be the normal. Sin is destroying the world and although the world knows right from wrong they continue to sin and approve of those who regularly sin to get ahead in life.  Sin has corrupted life, but you have a choice to participate in the Divine Nature to escape the corruption of the world caused by its sinful desires.

God designed man to live forever, but the kind of death God is speaking about is a place of separation from life in Jesus Christ.  Hell is the place where you are tormented without end, ever dying without hope, ever suffering without compassion, ever regretful without forgiveness for sin.  The choice for life is never easy in the midst of overwhelming and prevailing evil, but it is a choice you can make and achieve with Godís help.      


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