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In America, the right to an education is a standard that has been legislated into law by the people for every child in our nation. The law of our land demands that children must attend school after a certain age to be educated in the basic sciences of the world. Being able to read and write does wonders, but the outcome of basic education gives America the highest living standard in the world. Our standard of living is the main reason why so many want to live in America.

Because America leads the world in technology, students from around the globe come to America for an education. Knowledge gives you the power to succeed anywhere in the world. However, the world has its eyes glued upon the things of the world that knowledge enables men to obtain. Knowledge gives you the ability to earn because knowledge creates the know how to do things repetitively. Americaís knowledge of economics is driven into the mind of the workforce by a number of means. It includes everything from how to produce more at the workplace to the best stock option to buy at your local bank.

Knowledge is essential in a land where the people have been deceived into believing that wealth brings happiness. However, the knowledge that brought wealth also brought misery and despair to those bled dry with greed. Wealth also increases the amount of goods one can buy, but criminals follow the trail of excess where things can be stolen easier. From this America has learned that both good and evil can come from knowledge, but the world is spending a lot of money to keep what they have gained.

American schools do not teach social skills or how to get along with other people? Employers only teach their staff how to handle problems in the workplace because of the legal battles taken place in our nationís courtrooms. Training in social skills is left to the functional family unit.

It is written Christians learn that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. The lack of knowledge is a silent destroyer of the human spirit but the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom is the mainstay of the believer. Where would Christians be without the name of God and the knowledge of the Kingdom of God?

When Peter said to add to goodness, knowledge, he wasnít talking about a variety of worldly things, but spiritual precepts. In the spiritual realms the beginning of Knowledge has always began with the fear of the Lord. Within the spiritual realm there is one God that all men will give an account of his life to.

Sooner or later every human being must come to grips that they are possessions of God. God owns everything under the sun, which includes everything on the planet of earth.  Because of this, God has the right to determine your eternal destiny good or bad. Therefore, applying your knowledge of God to your life will help God make the choice that determines where you will spend your eternal life. With such a right, God deserves the right to be held in awe and reverence.

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray, he used the words Ė hallowed be thy name. Jesus taught his disciples to consider the name of God as sacred item, while Moses taught the Israelites not to blaspheme his name.  Throughout the Bible, the names of God spoke more of the character of God and revealed his grace to his followers. Because of Godís majesty and holiness, his person arouses the respect and reverence in those who worship and serve him. Reverence is giving respect to those respect is due to and is demonstrated to dignitaries, royalty and people in authority such as to the president by the honor paid in addressing his person. Our knowledge of God, his love for man, his titles, his Character, his authority and creative abilities exceed all that the man could ever hope to achieve. He is worthy of man deepest respect, glory, and honor because he gave his only son to save the world from the coming wrath.

When you look at the testimony of recent converts you hear the words ďwhen I found out.Ē This testimony tells you that that person was ignorant of Godís plan of salvation that is, until the good news was revealed and he heard the way to be saved. The knowledge of the kingdom of God has been entrusted to his children and at the same time his children have become Godís ambassadors to the world. 

 Adding knowledge to goodness has benefits to the Christian that is seen in comparison of the following verses.

What you donít know about God will destroy your life, but knowing God preserves the lives of those loves and lives by his wisdom. The majority of people have an education in the United States, but that knowledge is limited to what they need to earn a living. While most Americans know that God exists they do not pursue the knowledge they need to be saved. Some are saved, but do not pursue God further and live with only a portion of Godís truth.

 The world knows how the spirit realm is supposed to work, but they know the real world works entirely different. Dismayed with what they see, they reject God and his ways because the wickedness of human beings who are suppressing the truth. The knowledge of God works in the real world, but you have to look for the underlining reasons to see the ways of God at work. The man that knows the person of God knows that God is life and he sustains the life he created. 

Knowledge is essential to life and the bible has much to say about the knowledge of God.

Human beings have no excuse not to know that the world was created and created by a person of intelligence. Every living creature has a mate something science cannot explain through evolution so the design of nature speaks of a plan. It is not hard to see Godís signature is on everything he created when you recognize God.

Through the written history of God as told by Moses we learn that Man does not live on bread alone. Manís life is enriched and sustained by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. The words coming from the mouth of God provides the knowledge man needs to live with other people and have an acceptable life in the eyes of God.

Because of the way some live, itís clear that man does not know they are suppressing the truth by clinging to the way of the world. On the other hand Christians know that God is the source of all knowledge and have learned to ask God for the wisdom to survive the problems of life. God is willing to give you the knowledge you need without pointing out your failings. 

Some of the things God has in store for his children are to wonderful to know, but knowledge has the power to puff up oneís ego. God has his reasons for not giving man complete knowledge in everything. However, if you need to know anything, ask God because he is willing to give you the wisdom you need generously without finding fault in you.

Those who take advantage of the wisdom of God will reap a harvest of righteousness. Christ is the embodiment of truth and the knowledge of God. Knowing the person of Christ has a purpose, for in him we learn more about our father.

The more we learn about Christ the more we learn about our creator. Jesus Christ is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. Hebrews 1:3. By knowing God there is a pure form of knowledge of his person that comes no other way, but having a direct personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Being personally involved with God and Jesus Christ will make a difference in your life strengthening your desire to be more like Christ.

The difference is that by knowing Jesus Christ who is the exact representation of the father, you will know the father, and have eternal life.  Jesus also said:

Being able to predict what Jesus would do, is a good first step in a relationship with God, but this relationship with Jesus Christ has another purpose. As you know God has a foe that wants to elevate himself above his throne. This person is a liar that is out to deceive the world. Knowing what Jesus has promised to do and what he said he would do comes in handy when Satan begins to incite you to sin against God. 

Satan feeds you enough truth that when the lie comes you will believe it. A sound knowledge in the word of God will help you first to spot his lie and then to destroy his lie with the truth.  The knowledge of truth is the only known weapon that can separate fact from fiction and when tempted will demolish Satanís argument completely. The deception Satan impresses onto the saint is best handled with a godly response. James said,

Satan knows his limitations, he knows that his lies can only do so much and when you know the truth and submit to it, he has no other choice but to flee from you to return another day.   You have the advantage over Satan as when you know the word of God.

  Godís word is a shelter in times of trial and temptation and when properly handled preserves your soul.  God watches over his word to ensure that his word comes to pass when you use his promises. With that knowledge, Godís word is a sure foundation of truth to live by.

The knowledge of Godís word has a second purpose. The child of God is a king, Priest and Ambassador representing God on earth. Jesus said go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything I commanded you

As an ambassador your job is to take the good news to the world. The knowledge of the truth gives you the power to live the Christian life when you allow his word to dwell within your heart.  Paul said,


 Godís power is released when you implement his word to live a godly life. Regardless of the land you live in or where you go on the face of the earth, Godís word stands for what is right and fair to all. The knowledge within Godís word allows you to give everyone you come into contact with, dignity and respect. Godly living and the knowledge that comes from the mouth of God are truly needed for today and for the ages to come.

Can you answer that question? The knowledge of God gives you the answers when you seek them.  


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