Just Versus Unjust

Everyone wants equity especially for every dollar they spend. In other words, they want a dollarís worth of goods in exchange for every dollar theyíve earned. People do not like to be cheated or taken advantage of, but when morals are lax you donít always get a fair exchange. The honorable person desires to be fair, but those who are only concern with their welfare often look for ways to make everything work for their benefit.

The prudent person is careful in regard to one's own interests. He exercises good judgment and common sense in the way he conducts his life and affairs. Itís good business to know your customer and what he is willing to exchange for your services. On the other hand, have you given the customer exactly what he paid for.

God is concerned with your everyday behavior and how your actions affect your neighbor and friends.

This foundational rule of love is the most practical method of showing the need to be fair, just and right with everyone. It tells you what is right for my life is the right thing to do for others. Being treated right is embedded into your human nature, more so when men and womenís anger are easily aroused when being treated unfairly. Therefore, we should give respect where respect is due and honor all others above ourselves. The outcome of treating the other person properly leaves them with their dignity intact and feeling good about themselves.

The problem is that no man is just before God for the reason being that all men have sinned and fell short of Godís glory. Therefore something had to be done about the sin that placed a barrier between God and man to reestablish the relationship God wanted with man. Sin began when Adam and Eve disobeyed the command not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. With Godís command came the penalty of death for he said, when they ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil they would surely die.

God drove them out of the garden to prevent Adam and Eve from eating from the tree of life and in time they died in the course of time.  The story develops as their two sons grow up and become responsible for their own lives.  Cain became a vegetable farmer, Abel a shepherd and over time both became prosperous.  The time came to offer sacrifice to the Lord. Cain brought the first fruit of the soil and Abel the first fruit of his flock. Abelís offering from his flock was acceptable but Cainís offering wasnít the sacrifice God desired. Cain took Godís disapproval personal and refused to learn from the outcome.

Its evident that Adam and Eve taught Cain and Abel how to offer an acceptable offering to the Lord. However, Cain offered a first fruit that was not exchanged for the sacrifice the Lord approved of, but if he had God would have found favor in his offering as well.  

Was it that God knew the plot to kill Abel had entered Cainís mind? Godís said sin desires to have you, but you must master the sin that wants rule your life.

Living an acceptable life before God requires that you do not make your life worthwhile at the expense of another. Right and just or just plain proper Christian behavior demands that you go the extra mile to be fair and equitable. Taking advantage of another person demands that you deprive another of his or her dignity by the use of deception.   

Christlike behavior demands that you to go the extra mile to be fair and equitable. In the study of Jesus Christís life we learn that his life was spent to justify and reconcile man to God.

A just life is a life acceptable to a Holy God through faith.

The death of Jesus Christ on Calvary made man acceptable in Godís eye for in his death you were purchased with his blood. In other words, the forgiveness of sin required the shedding of blood showing that the penalty of death had been accomplished. Christians take these facts to heart and chose to believe the plan that Jesus Christ died for our sins. As Paul wrote, for it is with your heart that you believe and are justified. As the scriptures say, the just shall live by faith.

The life of Christ brought out the various meanings of being just. Jesus Christís life was exemplary; his sinless life made him the perfect sacrificial lamb as payment. However he had to carry the sins of man to the cross to reconcile man. The message of the cross is simple, Jesus became sin of man that required the death of the sacrificial Lamb of God. He paid the penalty when man could not make the restitution God required in order to fulfill the requirements of the law. Jesus became the substitutionary penalty and atonement for manís sin and when man accepts Jesus Christ as Lord that man is justified before God and accepted as his child.

Parents shape the decision making process of their children over their lifetime. Being just before God also requires his children to conform to a higher standard of moral behavior. God deemed it proper to endow every human being with the knowledge of good and evil. At the same time, God gave man autonomy and the right to make choices guided by the wisdom given to the parents and family.  As Christians, our heavenly father guides his children to be just, to live in truth and be fair to all.

Sin desires to have you, but you must learn to rule over the evil desires that infest your lives. God would prefer that you do what is just, right, and fair so that no restitution is ever necessary. God is also just, he causes his sun to rise and sends rain on both the just and unjust. He is impartial wanting no man to perish, but he is prepared to execute his wrath on those who reject his way of life and the decisions he wants men to make.


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